Tinder and Spotify have now become partners in the dating business. On Tuesday the companies announced the new feature in their apps and, from now on, Tinder users will be able to see the musical tastes of their possible matches.

Just as Tinder previously did with Instagram and liked groups in Facebook, users can now see the top Spotify songs of the people they find in Tinder, which might increase the possibilities of a right swipe or decrease them depending on the user’s music tastes.

On Tuesday, Tinder and Spotify announced that Tinder users will be able to see the musical tastes of their possible matches. Photo credit: Getty Images / TechCrunch
On Tuesday, Tinder and Spotify announced that Tinder users will be able to see the musical tastes of their possible matches. Photo credit: Getty Images / TechCrunch

The top Spotify songs will be viewed on the user’s profile, right under the biography, and the possible match can hear them inside the Tinder app. The companies wanted to integrate music into the dating world and maybe give possible matches something to talk about.

“Music is a big aspect of how people meet, you socialize around the music you love. It says a lot about your personality, what your interests are,” explained Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad to Business Insider.

As the technology site “Engadget” points out, the new feature is similar to My Space’s profile songs and to the app Bumble’s music feature that allows users to share music. With the small difference that Spotify is currently the biggest music streaming service in the market and by matching its services with Tinder, it’s a win-win.

The new feature will only be available for those user’s that are willing to link both applications, as it is with Instagram and Tinder and for people that live in a country where Spotify is available.

Music and dating 

As of May 2016,  dating app Tinder had fifty million active user’s on their free application and over one million users that were paying from $9.99 to $19.999 for their premium features. These allows users to have unlimited swipes, go back to old swipes, eliminates advertising and lets the user see people from all over the world.

Tinder is currently the biggest and more moderns dating app for both millennials and older generations, with a straightforward and efficient method that lets the user choose quickly among a sea of possible dates.

Since Tinder was launched in 2012, the company has registered over one billion swipes on a regular day and, as of 2016, Tinder’s revenue was worth over $260.4 million, according to Business Insider.

Over the last few years, Tinder has been renovating itself as an app, offering better designs for user’s and becoming more friendly. The company even created a similar app to make friends, called Tinder Social which started in Australia and is now available worldwide, allowing different groups of friends to randomly meet up with things they have in common such as a concert or a few drinks.

By matching with Spotify, which has over 100 million active users as of June 2016, The dating app company is expanding its market to a whole new level and becoming a complete dating site that doesn’t rely only on a user’s biography and pictures.

“With Spotify, we’re fully integrating music into the swiping experience in a brand new way and at a global scale, with the addition of music powered by Spotify we’re introducing an even more personalized experience on the platform,” said Sean Rad, Tinder’s CEO in a written statement.

Whether the user has Spotify or not, anyone can now choose to have an “Anthem” on their Tinder profile that will be seen by everyone that passes by on the app. This means that anyone that has a catchy summer song stuck in their heads can now announce it on Tinder.

Users with Spotify and Tinder on their phone can also see the common artists they share with a possible match and show their favorite artists or music genders.

To activate the new feature users will have to go to their profile settings and link their Spotify and Tinder account, select their favorite artists or playlists and choose an anthem. According to Spotify, this new highlight is available in 59 markets around the world.

The dating app is going beyond and providing Spotify with what they called “Tinder Playlists” that revolve into common phrases said by its users such as “Love at first swipe” “date night” “match” “pre-swipe” or “discovery.”

However, the company didn’t announce when these new playlists will be available for the music streaming service Spotify.

Source: Spotify News