E-signatures are the way of the future, and they’re here now, especially due to COVID-19. Traditional methods of signing and authenticating documents are rapidly being replaced by technological innovations such as electronic signatures, with ever-evolving digital tools changing the way business is done.

The Widespread Adoption of E-Signatures & 7 Perks It Holds For The Future

In this post, learn just what perks e-signatures can bring to your business.

#1 – Store All Your Documents Digitally

Why risk having physical documents go missing or getting damaged and destroyed? Digital documents are the way to go as they can be stored electronically in the cloud or on external hard drives. Multiple copies of these backups can be saved.

With electronic signature technology available to have those documents signed, this makes the storage process streamline and complete. It also helps prevent important material from being tampered with after signing.

#2 – Get Those Contracts Signed So Much Faster

Sometimes it’s best to get contracts signed as fast as possible while the customer is still keen. If too much time lapses, they could go cold and change their mind. The old pen to paper method takes too long in a modern world where everyone seems very impatient.

Finalizing contracts and agreements is so much faster with e-signatures, which is why you must learn how to create an e-signature. Being able to have your customers sign instantly with an electronic signature virtually guarantees the sale or deal will go through, as you can get a commitment from them in real-time, even remotely.

#3 – Streamline Your Business Processes

E-signatures save both paperwork and time, and this is especially true for your employees. The less time staff have to spend on printing up documents or chasing up customers for signatures is more time that can be spent on attending to other important tasks.

With the adaptation of electronic signature technology, your employees can send off documents to be signed in rapid time and have them returned with the customer’s signature within minutes. Less stress for your staff and your customers, saving valuable time for both.

#4 – E-signatures Are More Secure

Traditional signatures can be forged or tampered with. Plus, there’s no real record of when a document was signed. An e-signature is different, as electronic coding is attached to the document and the signature itself.

Without digging deep into the complexities of it, it’s almost impossible to tamper with a document or change something within a document after it’s been signed. This adds an added layer of security that protects the integrity of the document’s contents, giving both the business owner and the client more peace of mind.

#5 – Your Company Will Save Money

This is achieved on a number of levels when you switch to e-signature technology. For starters, there will be far less printing of documents and paperwork, plus no scanning or photocopying. The same goes for your customers.

Secondly, we all know that time is money, so the less time your workers have to spend on the document signing process, the more time they have to perform other duties. This saving of time also saves your company money, as employees get more work done in a day than they would have before your business started using electronic signatures.

#6 – An Electronic Signature Is Perfectly Legal

In legal circles, an e-signature is the same as a handwritten signature. It carries the same legally-binding weight. Because e-signatures are technically more secure and verifiable than a traditional signature, they actually have more substantiated value.

In all developed countries, electronic signatures are governed by certain acts within that country.

In America, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and the ESIGN Act govern the use and legalities of e-signatures.

As a customer, if you are offered the opportunity to sign documents or contracts electronically, have no fear that your signature is not legal or doesn’t hold the same power that a handwritten signature does.

#7 – Pander To Declining Attention Spans

These days the attention span of many is rapidly on the decline. We’re living in a world where everyone wants (and expects) everything right away. People are impatient and also easily distracted.

This is yet another reason why you would want to seriously consider adding e-signature technology to your business arsenal. Instead of resisting the tide, go with the flow, and give your customers what they want: A fast and efficient way of signing any documentation you need them to sign.

In the end, they’ll thank you for it.