While we may normally associate the term “accident” with being behind the wheel of a vehicle, the truth is it can take place in even the best-regulated work environments and construction sites. Personal injury law is a large umbrella where qualified attorneys work to get maximum compensation for injured parties in the event of negligence. In Boston, it’s no different. Qualified legal minds can help build your personal injury case from the moment a construction worker finds themselves involved in an accident.

The Best Boston Construction Accident Lawyer

Building a Construction Injury Case

If you find yourself in search of a Boston construction accident lawyer, you want to find a qualified professional that is best suited to help your construction injury case. If you’re an employee in any workplace accident, you want to work with a personal injury attorney who specializes in claims like this that may come with significant injuries. In these circumstances, you may be looking to get financial compensation for medical expenses, as well as any other outstanding debts brought on by a construction worker being unable to go to work.

It’s important that you maintain a trusted relationship with your legal representation. This starts with your transparency as to what happened that led to that workplace injury. These types of cases put a spotlight on occupational safety measures that were taken within the construction site. Let’s say the injury resulted from a malfunctioning forklift. If a construction company was alerted to the issues with that machinery and did not address it, a construction accident attorney will take a deeper look into why this was ignored and put laborers at risk.

Having Proof Ready

No matter where you are in the Boston area, you want to put your attorney in the best position to get you maximum compensation. This means staying on top of any documentation linked to workers’ compensation benefits, medical benefits, insurance claims, and more. A worksite injury case will also benefit from witness statements, co-workers who saw the accident take place, and knowing the root cause of your accident. This could lead to a look into safety protocols if the construction site injury was the result of a known outstanding issue that an employer did not address.

Medical bills are especially important to maintain if you are dealing with a personal injury case that may be linked to medical malpractice or wrongful death. In those malpractice circumstances, injuries or issues may develop later on beyond the time of the initial construction site accident. Injured workers may develop health issues from the site later on down the line. A Boston construction accident attorney will take a full assessment of the case from the moment of a free consultation to a potential trial.

Construction Injuries and the Law

Qualified personal injury lawyers in Massachusetts will be aware of certain stipulations within the law for a strong case. The statute of limitations is especially important if you file a lawsuit in civil court. In Massachusetts, you have three years from the time of an accident to file the suit. The start of that three-year term can vary, though, if there’s a discovery date. For example, if workplace injury victims display health issues brought on by the workplace after years on the job, the three-year term will start from the date of diagnosis.

Construction is dangerous work, and even those passing by a construction site can be hurt when contractors are negligent in implementing or enforcing safety measures. Construction workers who are injured on the job are generally eligible for Workers’ Comp benefits, but sometimes contractors and their insurance companies attempt to deny or limit these benefits. It’s important to have a construction accident lawyer that is ready to get you the help you deserve.