The Grammy-awarded pop singer, Taylor Swift, made a surprise appearance in a New Jersey wedding, where she performed “Blank Space” with just a piano and a microphone. The newlyweds Max Singer and Kenya Smith danced to the acoustic song, while guests couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The groom’s sister planned the improvised presentation, who contacted the 26-year-old singer in April. Back then, Ali Singer sent a letter to Swift, saying that her brother had legally contracted marriage at the hospital. According to People, the groom’s mother was in a delicate health condition.

Taylor Swift surprise appearance at New Jersey wedding
Taylor Swift surprised everyone when she made an unexpected appearance at a fan’s wedding in New Jersey. Credit: People Magazine

Max Singer did not want her mother to lose one the most important moments of his life. Before she died, both had a mother-son dance to “Blank Space,” at the hospital. On Saturday, the groom and Kenya Smith celebrated their marriage at the Brant Beach Yacht Club y Brant Beach, New Jersey, according to People magazine.

Swift even made a card for the just married couple

It appears that Singer’s story touched Taylor Swift, who attended the wedding to perform the same song that the mother and groom had danced a few months ago. Wedding guests danced to the song, while others sang along and captured videos.

The pop star, who has received 10 Grammy Awards, made a unique card for the couple. The gift said “So it’s gonna be forever” in watercolors with a floral circle. Later on Sunday, Swift posted a couple of photographs on Instagram, showing up the just married couple.

“Congratulations Max and Kenya,” wrote Swift on Instagram.

‘It’s unbelievable, honestly, that a person like her would do that’

The groom Max Singer admitted having reacted like a “10-year-old fanboy rather than a grown man,” when Swift suddenly walked into the room. He said that guests were about to start having dinner at that moment since toasts were over.

Max instantly knew that his sister Ali had something to do with the plans, because of her smile. A friend of the groom also participated in the surprise, by sending Swift an essay that Max wrote about her album “1989,” when he was in business school.

“It’s really incredible, because not only is she this crazy, huge star who did that for us, but she actually took the time to make something like that. It’s really, it’s unbelievable, honestly, that a person like her would do that, which just speaks to how amazing a person she is,” Max told Access Hollywood.

The groom concluded that everything was “so crazy” that it has just happened, and he does not even know. He described the night as a perfect loving moment, where family and friends were gathered.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, whose real name is Adam Wiles, have broken up after more than one year of dating. According to E! News, Adam ended up the relationship in a very mature way. The couple apparently had problems after the DJ had a car accident, that made him cancel a few concerts in L.A.

Source: People