Fast food chain Taco Bell has recently announced the redesign of their restaurants. The main objective of the project is to position the food chain as a ‘dinner option’ restaurants and invite their customers for a nice family meal.

The company made the announcement on Tuesday in its newsroom introducing their customers with four different designs of their new restaurants that feature a more urban and modern design.

Four redesigned restaurants will open in California this summer, to show the public the innovative concept. The chain is also hoping to open 2,000 new restaurants by 2022 most with this urban concept.

Taco Bell hopes its new restaurant designs will entice you to stay and eat. Credit: LA Times

“Building new restaurants is a key component to the overall growth and evolution of Taco Bell. Great design, great food and great economics are at the heart of our growth,” said Brian Niccol the Chief Executive of Taco Bell Corporation.

Four innovative restaurant proposals

The chain announced the four standard concepts it will be offering in the redesigning of its restaurants, the four concepts are inspired by Heritage, Modern Explorer, California Sol and Urban Edge.

Inspired by its latin roots one of the restaurants will offer clients a design that features white walls with classic materials, heavy timbers, silver and colorful wall decoration and glass windows surrounding dining areas.

The four designs to open in California feature indoor and outdoor options, since the chain wants to adapt the restaurant to the location users can now enjoy dinner “al fresco”.  With a more beachy and urban look.

The concepts were created with a different personality, yet the company hopes it shows their restaurants as a different and changed option for a night out, leaving in the past customers in the drive-thru.

“It’s no longer one size fits all consumers are looking for a localized and customized experience that reflects the diversity of their communities, the flexibility in bringing these four designs to life gives us just that,” said Deborah Brand the VP of Development and Design at Taco Bell Corp.

Taco Bell is also introducing a more green-friendly environment in their new restaurants with LED lights and energy heating and cooling equipment. California restaurants will be built with reclaimed wood from ports.

The company also hopes to add solar panel canopies over the drive-thrus and reclaimed water for irrigation. Another four restaurants might open in Atlanta somewhere in the future just as New York, Boston, and Ohio.

Source: Taco Bell