A Syrian asylum-seeker killed himself on early Monday morning, after blowing himself up in Ansbach, Germany. Fortunately, the attack ended up wounding just one victim. The incident is the latest in a wave of killings and attacks in the country, local press and authorities are overwhelmed by violence.

On Early Monday, a 27-year-old suicide bomber killed himself as he injured 15 people near a Music Festival in Ansbach. During the past week, Germany has experienced four separate violent attacks, all held by troubled refugees. Preliminary information, assures the suicide bomber was a Syrian refugee who had tried to gain German asylum two times, yet had been issued a deportation order to Bulgaria where he had first filed for asylum.

Authorities have confirmed the suspect suicide bomber in Germany had link with ISIS and had enough chemicals to build another bomb in his residence. Image Credit: Daily Mail
Authorities have confirmed the suspect suicide bomber in Germany had relation with ISIS and had enough chemicals to build another bomb in his residence. Image Credit: Daily Mail

According to local authorities, the Syrian-refugee has previously attempted suicide and was currently receiving psychological attention and help for his troubles. The 27-year-old bomber tried to enter a music festival in Ansbach but was rejected for not owning a ticket.

Locals are still in shock by the happening, as local media reports overwhelming violence happening in the country.

Preliminary investigation

After the suicide bomber detonated the explosives, pieces of metal and bricks flew over the streets of Ansbach. As CBS News reports, many members of the public thought they had been hit because of the debris.

The German Interior Ministry Spokesman, Tobias Plate, assured the suicide bomber, had received his first deportation notice to Bulgaria on December 22, 2014. Debates on the recent migrant crisis are overwhelming the country.

The refugee had received his latest deportation notice on July 13th, said Tobias Plate, a spokesman for the German interior ministry.

Local authorities, don’t manage enough information to confirm the suicide bomber was a radical terrorist since he had the previous history of suicide attempts. Investigations are trying to understand the real motive for the attack.

“We don’t even know if he radicalized; we need to be careful with that. He was considered a suicide risk, and we think that the attack resulted from his suicidal tendencies,” informed Carda Seidel, Mayor of Ansbach as reported by the New York Times.

The mayor, Carda Seidel, informed local media that 15 victims had been injured in the bombing and four of them remain in critical conditions due to the explosion. Authorities will handle More information on the attack after preliminary investigations on the matter are finished.

An overwhelming crisis

Germany, a country that has opened its doors to the refugee crisis, has recently suffered from four severe and violent attacks caused by troubled migrants. Local authorities, who manage top security issues, have informed investigations are being held in over 59 refugees that have been suspected of terrorism or being radical. They have clarified the fact, that not all refugees are under investigation.

Thomas de Maiziere, Germany’s Interior Minister, has informed the studies are being held individually and stated it’s wrong to consider all refugees as possible suspects, as the NY Times reported.

The bombing attempt by the hands of a failed asylum-seeker only took his life. As seen above, there's the hearse where the remains of the suspect were carried to the morge. Image Credit: Daily Mail
The bombing attempt by the hands of a failed asylum-seeker only took his life. As seen above, there’s the automobile where the remains of the suspect were carried to the morgue. Image Credit: Daily Mail

Since the migrating crisis of refugees started in the European Union, Germany has had one of the most open policies to receive migrants from different countries, especially Syria. The country’s borders have been more secured, and lower number of refugees are entering.

German media is still covering the violent attack that occurred on Friday, when an 18-year-old boy, identified as David Ali Sonboly, killed nine people and injured 16 by shooting in a shopping center in Munich. Authorities investigating the shooting, though at first, there were three shooters then found the teenager near the shopping mall, dead by his hands.

The teenager was an Iranian refugee, who had been living in the City for two years, according to the BBC, Ali So boy was a troubled teen that suffered from psychological issues and had planned the shooting for over a year.

A local magazine described the shooter as “utterly determined” and reports by his classmates reported constant conflict and aggression. Statements also assured the shooter had resentment towards ethnic Turks.

Further investigations determined Ali Sonboly was a big fan of one-man shooter video games and was “obsessed”  with the 2009 shooting that occurred in Winnenden by the hands of a 17-year-old teenager.

Two other Asylum-seekers perform violent attacks

In the same week, a 17-year-old man was shot by local police officers after entering a train in northern Bavaria with an ax and a knife. The armed teenager attacked 20 passengers on the train.

Three people were critically injured, and one remains with light injuries before local police enforcement enter the scene. The Interior Minister of Bavaria later confirmed the teenager was an Afghan asylum seeker and had lived in the country for a few months.

Investigations on the matter remain, yet a witness told a police officer the teenager had shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he attacked people.

In the small city of Reutlingen, a man was arrested after killing a woman and injuring two others with a machete. The perpetrator entered a fast food restaurant where the Polish woman worked and attacked her. Investigations showed the attacker worked at the same restaurant as the Polish lady, and he had “fallen in love” with the victim as he worked there. The attacker had arrived from Syria 18 months ago and was 21 years-old.

After the past violent week, the German government has been criticized for receiving over a million refugees in the country. Local media remains overwhelmed for the happenings, further debates on the matter are still to come.

Source: BBC News