The shooting occurred early on Monday, police officers, as well as SWAT members, are looking for the suspects. Police presence is abundant in certain Texas roads.

Around 1:30 a.m., Cimmaron neighbors heard shots coming from Sargent’s Craig Hutchison’s house. When police officers arrived at the scene, Hutchinson was severely wounded and died later on because of his injuries. Preliminary information has been handled by Austin’s Police Chief, Art Acevedo, who assures law enforcement is working on finding the responsible for Sargent’s death.

The shooting occurred at Oak Meadow Drive, at Cimarron neighborhood, which is 15 minutes away from Austin. Image Credit: NY Daily News
The shooting occurred at Oak Meadow Drive, at Cimarron neighborhood, which is 15 minutes away from Austin. Image Credit: NY Daily News

Fatal shooting

According to local reports, the deputy managed to use his law enforcement radio to call fellow workmates, around 1:22 a.m., when he saw two suspects running in his backyard. When authorities arrived at the scene, Hutchinson was wounded in this yard.

“Our officer came up on them and found individuals in his shed and I think that’s when the confrontation occurred. At this time, we don’t have any more information,” said Sheriff Greg Hamilton.

The sergeant was immediately transported to a hospital in Round Rock, where he was later on declared dead because of his injuries. Around 5 a.m., the main road of the neighborhood was plagued with local authorities, police patrols, SWAT teams, and local reporters.

Texas’ Southbound Interstate 35 was briefly closed on early Monday as authorities transported Hutchinson’s body to the Medical Examiner’s office at Travis County in Austin.

DPS Troopers, SWAT teams, and an Air One helicopter are part of the force searching for the two suspects who shot and killed the Sergeant in his house.Officers surround local roads.

Local police authorities are asking residents to remain safe in their houses, Austin’s Police Sheriff used his Twitter account to advise residents on their safety.

Chief Acevedo, also urged residents to keep Hutchinson’s family in their prayers.

“Please keep out Travis County Sheriff’s family in your thoughts and prayers. Sad, troubling time we live in. Austin police stands with our friends,” said Chief Acevedo in a press release.

Sgt. Hutchinson had served the force for 32 years and was known for investigating and breaking burglary cases, as KXAN reports, he had plans on retiring sometime soon in September.

The Sargent’s shooting comes in a controversial moment where police officers are experiencing loss of trust from the general public. As many cases of abuse of force or unfounded shootings have emerged in the country.

Local officers are asking for the public’s collaboration in case of any sightings or information.

Source: KXAN