San Francisco – Health authorities in San Francisco have reported that five high school students were hospitalized after overdosing on Xanax they supposedly bought on the street.

All five students were sanctioned and suspended from Pinole Valley High School along with two other students who were involved in the incident. West Contra Costa School District spokesman Marcus Walton said the Pinole Valley students were seen stumbling at lunchtime on Thursday and noticed by teachers to act like being intoxicated. School officials proceeded to call for an ambulance and police.

A Manhattan doctor was arrested July 27 for illegally selling prescriptions for alprazolam pills over a four year period. NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE

Five students were taken to the hospital and the San Francisco Department of Public Health took the chance to warn people on the risks of purchasing Xanax on the streets, mostly because of drug’s high circulation containing fentanyl (a potent short-acting opioid often caussant of death).

This is not the first time an accident related to a street-bought sample of Xanax has occured. Last week three people between the ages of 20-40 years old were hospitalized after taking a pill inscribed and sold as Xanax and purchased on the street. Health Department officials said all three suffered sedation, weakness in extremities, muscle breakdown and fluid in lungs, as complications of opioid overdose.

“We know there is a dangerous counterfeit drug being sold on the street as ‘Xanax,’ and people should be very careful and avoid the risk of overdose and death. Under no circumstances should you accept medication from someone else, or purchase prescription medicine on the street.” Health Officer Dr. Tomás J. Aragón said to Philly Magazine.

The spokeswoman said the department is advising the public not to take any medication that is not theirs or that is purchased on the street, however a Contra Costa County Health Services spokeswoman said on Friday, the department did not received any reports about fake Xanax pills, as reported by Philly Magazine.

Source: Philly