On Tuesday, South Africa’s current African National Congress (ANC) witnessed a heated impeachment of the President Jacob Zuma, yet the voting wasn’t enough to remove Zuma from power. President Zuma’s impeachment was in response to his latest disregard on repaying state funds on his own house for renovation.

South Africa’s parliament was set to overthrow Zuma as the President as the Constitutional Court claimed he had violated their constitution on Tuesday, yet failed to get enough votes to do it so. After the voting for Zuma’s prosecution finished, the results favored him 243 to 143, making it a vast majority still rallied around the current President for South Africa.

President Zuma
President Jacob Zuma from South Africa responds at the National Assembly on Tuesday’s impeachment vote. Credit: Telegraph

It’s worth mentioning that Zuma is currently considered as the leader of Africa’s most industrialized economy, yet after plenty of accusations against him, that could be the end of his charisma. Amazingly enough, President Jacob Zuma has come out undefeated on almost every encounter with the law, if not all thanks to his ‘control’ of the ANC. Considering that the only thing Zuma had to do in order to prevent the ANC officials from voting against him on Tuesday’s impeachment at the National Assembly was apologizing, it’s clear he can get away with almost everything.

President Zuma claimed he had acted on poor legal advice and also claimed his intentions of paying back the money never changed. On the other hand, the main opposition party leaders claim the ANC is filled with corrupt leaders, according to a report from the Washington Post.

Nevertheless, his charm and luck will eventually fade away and Zuma will have to answer to the people, according to the opposition called Democratic Alliance. Even though he gained people’s trust over the past seven years since Zuma was put in office, his true colors are getting exposed to the South African people as he continues to confront the Constitutional Court.

Main opposition Democratic Alliance is set to remove Zuma from power

The leader of the main opposition party Mmusi Maimane stated the ANC members of South Africa’s parliament is still defending a dishonest president when they should abide by their constitution instead. The speeches from members of the Democratic Alliance (DA) set the tone as they addressed the National Assembly with powerful words against president Zuma.

Now, after President Zuma resulted victorious following his latest encounter with the law, the DA can do nothing but wait. South African President Zuma, coming up on his seventh year as a leader with 73 years old, will undoubtedly be removed from office if he keeps up with violating the law.

The latest impeachment is nothing but the last issue in Zuma’s list, as he has many times dealt with personal scandals, as well as political. Yet the recent impeachment could be the most shocking one as the President’s debt reaches up to over $14 million.

Source: The Washington Post