After Nintendo Co., Ltd (NTDOY) announced the unveiling of its journey into mobile gaming development, Sony Corp (NYSE: SNE) intends not to follow behind as the company owned by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) also announced its plans to bring PlayStation game titles to both Android and iOS mobile devices on Thursday.

As reported by the company in a press release, the focal point of the mobile gaming advance will be focused on Asian users. It would appear as if Sony and Nintendo have started the race to become the leading brand in the smartphone gaming market, with a little advantage from Nintendo as it has already released mobile games for its users in Japan.

The development of a rumored PlayStation 4.5, or the PlayStation 4K, has been a popular topic of discussion lately on the Internet. Credit: Japan Times

In response to the release of the mobile game Miimoto earlier this month, Sony Computer Entertainment’s new company ForwardWorks will take on the challenging task to bring users with PlayStation games to iPhone and Android devices in Japan. ForwardWorks will be lead by Sony’s head in Asia and Japan, Atsushi Morita, among other directors including the Group CEO of SCE, Andrew House.

While Sony is venturing from a more sociable background, where people gather around the console and play alongside each other, Nintendo has more expertise when it comes to offering a personal gaming mode as well as introducing the portable feature to the user.

Nevertheless, a contender such as Sony should not be taking lightly by its competitors in the console and mobile gaming marketplace. And considering that the Nintendo’s new Miimoto game is basically an avatar-creator, Sony could pose a serious threat to its competitors as the company intends to bring users complete PlayStation titles.

According to the press release that took place on Thursday, ForwardWorks claims its goal is to provide gamers with the ability to enjoy PS’s classic game titles in a casual way – meaning the portable way – in order to improve the users’ gaming experience.

Learning from past mistakes

It’s worth remembering the track record for Sony’s attempts to crack into the mobile gaming market before developing a successful strategy. The PlayStation Mobile development kit for Android provided Sony with a resourceful insight on the gamers’ preferences.

However, the releases of Xperia Play phone or the PlayStation Vita – a gaming handheld device – have been beaten by Nintendo’s market leading 3DS mobile gaming device.

Still, as the year is quickly taken pace in technologic releases, 2016 may be the year for Sony Computer Entertainment to redeem itself when it comes to mobile gaming devices.

Sony’s new market approaches

For now, PlayStation has taken different approaches in order to satisfy its customers’ demands for new and improved ways to experience video games. In recent events, the development of a rumored PlayStation 4.5 has been a popular topic of discussion on the Internet.

Apparently, the device (supposedly already in prototype phases) is going to be called PlayStation 4K and is imagined by fans as 4K gaming with the same quality levels of current 1080p titles. However, this theory could be as far-fetched as it could be a lie as this 4K possibility is far from becoming a reality although the PS4 is a high-tech piece of device.

The PS4 is currently the lead platform for developers working on multi-platform titles, as the gaming console shows to have state of the art technology. And while the company continues to leap into 4K technology as well as Virtual Reality devices, Sony is sure to satisfy its fans in this upcoming year.

Source: TechCrunch