A big amount of our universe use technologies and social media. The popularity of social networking sites has increased on a high scale over the past few years. Social networks provide many kinds of services and benefits to their users like helping them to connect with new people and their family even on long distance; if you are in “A” country and you want to talk to someone in country “B” you can talk to them by just a click, share opinions with likeminded people, and stay in touch with old friends and colleagues also.

Social Media Sites

We should thank the application of technology that our standard of living has increased. Technology has brought advancements in agriculture, and many fields in which food production has increased and other lives are made easy. Technology Essay has boosted every industry.

1. Meet new people

Let’s see how -Social media gives you an opportunity to meet new people around the world no matter what’s the distance. If you are one of the users of these sites you have access to millions of profiles from around the world. Before the beginning of social networking sites, the only way to meet new people on the internet was ca hat room. But, the disadvantage of chat rooms was that you may not know the person with whom you are interacting with i.e., you cannot see their face. The beginning of social networking sites allowed people to know more information about a person before they interact with them through an individual profile.

2. Social Networking sites are user-friendly

Popular social networking sites are built in such a way that is intuitive and very easy to use. Most of them are so easy to navigate that they require very little knowledge of the internet. In fact, they provide a better way of connecting with new people than other internet platforms like bulletin boards and emails. The versions of these social networking sites that we use on mobile are even more user-friendly serving a huge number of people to connect through them.

While at the present era, this is the beginning that it is very common nowadays that kids also using social media and technology on a very huge amount that is very harmful to kids.
So let’s take a look at why social media and technology have rapidly increasing importance in kid’s lives.

3. Keep-up with friends

The critics even saying that uses of social media is inversely proportional to increasing number of technology a lot of individual spend their most of the time on computers and Smartphones. There is a calculative generation gap between kids, parents, and grandparents now. Kids are building the feeling that technology and social media is a fundamental part of life and growing up with screens as an important part of their lives, like it or not they need social media most of the time. Their parents are in that gray area, some belief in technology while others do not. Some of the grandparents state the whole idea of technology to be completely foreign, complicated and isolating.

The social website that shares pictures is popular like anything. Even traditional text-oriented social media services have incorporated images into their offering and have made them even more easy to use than old days. Almost all kids spend a lot of time creating that perfect picture to take; they wait for that just one perfect shot which they can share in these sites with the best filter to apply, wondering up the most inspiring words to write and identifying the best hashtags to use when they share their artistic creation.

4. Collaborate with schoolmates

It’s a bitter truth that even 9+ or fewer than 9-year old kids actually use FaceTime to do her homework with her classmates. This could be done with Skype or via a Google Hangout or whatever, but the idea is that it is social and it is using technology. This also could be viewed as just a new form of communication, and there was a time we were just used to voice calls through a common telephone that was the only means of communication that time. Not to forget that most of the popular social sites allows their users to create groups.
These groups allow likeminded people to share their interests and hobbies. A group acts just as a club whose membership is open to anybody who shares similar interests. They can join this group free and can chat with anyone in the group when they want.

Biggest reason for the success of technology and social media is that most of the highly popular social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ are free which anybody can use them and they are open to everybody without any charges and without any cost. These sites mostly make their money through advertisements of brands, like shoes of any brands, like clothing of any brand, like daily use products by any brand. Other ways these websites make money is through extra features like games and other applications which users pay them to use.

5. Job market

Professional social networks help people in establishing their brand online. People can post their skills, accomplishments, and previous experience on these networks and make themselves recognized by colleagues, other peer groups, and even potential employers. Many companies have started recruiting people through social networks like LinkedIn. Users also have the option to search for jobs on their own through these professional social networks just like any other job portal.

One of the most important reasons for the increasing rapid success of social networking sites is that they help businesses to reach their attractive customers easily. Unlike search engines like Google, social networks have developed targeted an ad solution using which businesses can reach its attractive customers based on the profiles of their users. Social networks also have unique access to the most personal information of its users like their hobbies, interests, places frequently visited, etc. which help businesses in targeting their advertisements properly and easily.