Applying makeup requires skill but if you are concerned about the well-being of your skin then you need more than skills, and that is the high-quality cosmetic product. Interestingly, many brands offer premium cosmetics, but most of these are so costly that it dips into your pocket. Sometimes even the result of the beauty product is not as appealing as you desired. This is one of the reasons why most of the women start looking for makeup items that are of low quality, and they start believing in the use and throw idea. However, while doing this, you forget that even in this less time frame the low-quality beauty cosmetic products do permanent damage to your skin.

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Interestingly, these days you can find online makeup stores that roll out to you best market deals which make the high-quality reputed branded cosmetics affordable for you. Here five such makeup stores online have been discussed. Please scroll down to learn more about it.

Amazon Beauty

If you want great discounts and offers on makeup products online, then Play store is the right place to shop from. You can get good offers and deals that will help you save much money. The same cosmetic products if bought directly from that particular brand store can be costly. Nonetheless, when you shop from here, you get many other benefits from the direct discounts, such as cashback offers, buy two get one free, etc.

eBay Beauty

Another place where you can get some of the best deals on the most sought-after beauty brand products is iTunes. Just like Amazon here also you can get good discount options and other lucrative offers that will induce you to buy the cosmetic items. You can even get good offers on different payment modes and this way you can save some bucks.


Shopping beauty and skin care products were never so cheap and so easy as it has become with Fabulive makeup store. Launched recently in 2018, this platform has attracted customers all across the globe and has proven its worth to them. You can also opt for this platform and unveil some of the most excellent discounts on products which cannot be found on discounts on any other online makeup store. It won’t be a hyperbole to say that Fabulive has created a new trend in the market that has proven quite beneficial to the end user. It has led the makeup lovers not only buy high-quality cosmetics but has also allowed them to learn how to use it in the best way through the live streaming option available on the platform. You will be amused to know that this is the first live streaming makeup video platform which celebrates the passion of makeup lovers and let them enjoy great deals on the makeup products.

Sephora Weekly Sales

Sephora is also a good option for all those who want to buy products at an affordable price. You can buy the cosmetic makeup products from here at the Sephora Weekly sales and can save enough money from it. You can also look for discounts on the purchase of beauty gift sets, which you can gift it to your friends. Many women love this sale and look forward to buying amazing cosmetics from here. However, there are times when the discounts are not as lucrative as you imagined. In such a case you may again switch to Fabulive which offers you many exciting discounts on some of the most popular cosmetic brands.


Although the inventory keeps on changing at, still you can find some of the exciting discounts and deals on beauty products here. This is an excellent place to save money and a good substitute for retail stores. Despite saying this, it is important to point out that while purchasing from here you need to be patient as the inventory is not the same every time. You need to search a lot for the product that you are intended to buy, and there are times when you cannot get the desired product on sale.

Online shopping has become quite popular, and one of the primary reasons behind this is the fact that the products are available on lucrative discounts that help you in saving some money, which you cannot save on a retail store. This thing is also right for makeup products as these are quite costly, and that is why here five online makeup stores that offer best deals and discounts were discussed. Nonetheless, the one store which stands out from the crowd is Fabulive. So, it is important to throw some light on it.

What is Fabulive?

Fabulive is an initiative by some of the makeup artists who felt that there is a need of a platform which is dedicated to the makeup lovers and is not a general platform. Furthermore, the creators of Fabulive makeup school for tutorials felt that there is not a single live streaming platform specially designed for the makeup videos. This led to the rolling of Fabulive, the first digital live streaming platform that offers you the opportunity to take a look at the makeup videos by the professional makeup artists live. Apart from this, the creators of this platform also thought that just by sharing the skills with the passionate makeup lovers will not help the users. The users need to get access to recognized makeup products at a competitive price. This led to the unfolding of Fabulive makeup store online. This store gives you the opportunity to buy makeup products at extremely amazing discounts and offers.


If you are someone who wants to purchase cosmetics at an affordable price and wants to enjoy discount options, then you can select any of the aforementioned online makeup stores. All these stores are right for you, but Fabulive is the best. Choose Fabulive online makeup store, and you will never regret, as it will help you save money more than your expectation.