Being inside the new tools is practically mandatory for the digital marketing professional. While channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have already won the trust and investment of many companies, Snapchat is still unknown in the business world. By the way, do you already know what the network is capable of doing for your brand?


In this article, you will learn how Snapchat works for business and what advantages it brings to your business. Check it out:

How does business Snapchat work?

Like other social networks you already know, Snapchat is also made up of people who have their profiles and post photos, videos, and messages to their followers. The difference is that in this social network, the shared contents are fast (maximum 10s) and are short-lived: if the sending is direct to a contact, it disappears after being visualized; if it is through the Stories feature, it is available for 24 hours and then it also disappears.

Another peculiarity is that snaps can’t be saved or shared. The application even notifies the user when someone takes a print screen off the screen with their snap. Maybe you wonder how this can be useful for your business, right? So keep reading this post to understand better!

What does Snapchat do differently?

When building your marketing strategy on social networks, you need to consider all the available tools and evaluate which ones are most effective for communicating with your people. Each network presents its differentials, which attract different profiles of people and understanding this is fundamental to choosing the right channels and creating content with the correct language. If you do not already have a social media strategy, just learn!

In the case of Snapchat, the private and ephemeral profile is a great attraction. The popularization of the application in recent years is due to the unprecedented “self-destruction” of the content, which generates some benefits for the user:

  • Security and privacy: Files can’t be saved or shared
  • Aesthetic detachment: it does not matter if the photo is ugly, because soon it will go out
  • Storage space: Photos and videos do not occupy the memory of the device

But Snapchat is not all about commercial needs

Snapchat is a versatile application that is used by various people for various purposes, not least by your children. Every Snapchat activity, just like other online applications, has the potential to cause covert dangers later on, so monitoring children’s Snapchat activities are highly recommended. For that, you need what is called the Snapchat Spy app.

There are tons of snapchat spy apps but you can use the mSpy app to monitor your child’s activity on social networks or to make sure your employees do not use their corporate devices to talk with friends and read the latest gossip from celebrities online. The application works in background mode regularly creating records not only for Snapchat correspondence but any actions that the user has done on their smartphone. Thanks to the optimized algorithm of operation, the application will not fully discharge the battery of the target phone even when recording the user’s geopositioning.

Snapchat, like other applications, can be a double-edged sword. If you use it wisely, you will get many benefits, and vice versa.