A new product called the “Skarp Laser Razor” wants users to have a pleasant experience while shaving. The product is powered by a laser, for an irritation-free, and an incredibly close shave, being the first of its kind.

Common razors blades can be very problematic for people, mostly for those with sensitive skin. Users tend to burn and cut their faces, and in most cases they do not get the best results. You can end up with several ingrown hairs, which are dangerous, and users must change blades regularly.

The product is powered by a laser, for an irritation-free, and a close shave, being the first of its kind. Credit: au.whaatsnew.com

The disadvantages do not seem to be in favor of the razors blades. According to Skarp’s statement, two billion razors or at least razor heads are thrown away each year in the United States.

The product was created by the partnership of Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun and they said it is “the future of shaving.” Gustavsson has more than 30 years of experience in the medical and cosmetic laser field, bringing new technology products to the market successfully.

Skarp Laser Razor

The Skarp team released a funding campaign through the platform Kickstarter, and set a goal of $160,000. With 19 days left, the project has exceeded its initial goal and now they have $1,173,973 to launch their innovative Laser Razor that has clearly captivated the people’s attention.

The prototype is made of 6061 aluminum and is shaped as a razor. Their revolutionary product uses wavelengths to seamlessly put off the hair follicles from your face and it does not burn, irritate, or itch.

Another advantage is that it is environmentally friendly because it does not require regularly replacement battery cartridges, also buyers do not need to use water while or after shaving. It is supposed to last about 50,000 hours.

Additionally, the bladeless razor is estimated to be available for purchase in March 2016 and will cost $159, plus shipping.

Source: Kickstarter