On Friday, two people were confirmed dead after a shooting took place at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, and the case could be a murder-suicide as it was reported from the Joint Base in San Antonio. Apparently the incident occurred early on Friday happened at building 147 in the Medina Annex, a few miles west of I-410, as reported by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

The Pentagon released an internal communication claiming that one of the men involved in the shooting was a commanding officer of a training squadron. Nevertheless, authorities have not released any further details on what actually happened inside the Air Force’s facilities and what caused the shooting to begin.

Authorities outside the premises of the Air Force Base in San Antonio waiting for confirmation to go in after the Base was in lockdown
Authorities outside the premises of the Air Force Base in San Antonio waiting for confirmation to go in after the Base was in lockdown. Credit: ABC News

The identities of the two people resulted dead after the shooting remain to be released, yet the Pentagon dismissed any suggestion of the incident being of a terrorist nature. The base was on lockdown following the incident, and it remained in a highly tense situation for over two hours, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

Nevertheless, the presence of law enforcement outside the Air Force’s premises was enough to take down a small army, considering the abundant turnout on the Medina Annex facilities on Friday. Even though the details of the incident have yet remained a mystery to almost everyone, including officers involved in the case, the shooting is being described as a murder-suicide.

Authorities make out what it seems a murder-suicide

This theory comes as a response to the Air Force Base’ post on Twitter claiming the incident was a ‘real world active shooter situation’. The Base also posted the notification declaring the Medina Annex was on lockdown on their Twitter feed. Witnesses of the event described the Base’s lockdown drill as shocking, considering the announcement made all over the facilities warned from an active shooter.

An undergraduate from the military base in San Antonio, Texas said he was driving towards his friend’s graduation from the Air Force when the announcement made him look for somewhere to hide. The witness identified as Sydney Spalding, 20, said plenty of airmen running and people spreading out was his sight when the base started its lockdown drill.

Source: New York Times