Navigating the shipping industry can be quite confusing at times. However, various items, such as containers for sale, Krown Rust, pump truck, and ratchet straps, can be easily obtained with a little preparation.

Shipping Made Easy: Containers for Sale, Krown Rust, Pump Truck, and Ratchet Straps

Containers for Sale

Before buying a shipping container, it is important to choose the type that suits one’s budget and type of goods being transported.

Some different types of shipping containers include dry storage containers, which are the most common and come in 10, 20, and 40-foot varieties. Flat rack containers, with collapsible sides, are perfect for heavy-duty loads. They come in 20 and 40-foot models. Refrigerated ISO containers are temperature regulated and perfect for shipping perishable goods. Insulated/thermal containers maintain a higher temperature for transporting sensitive goods. Open-side containers open on one side, to allow the loading of wider goods. Double door containers allow one to enter and exit with an extra door and are available in 20 and 40-foot varieties. Other types of containers include tunnel containers, side open containers, tanks, cargo storage roll containers, half-height containers, car carriers, special-purpose containers, and drums.

20 and 40-foot containers are the most common however, 10 and 45-foot varieties are available as well.

20-foot containers can carry up to 61,289 lb., while 40-foot containers can fit a net load of 57,759 lb. In addition, a 40-foot high cube-shipping container holds a net load of 58,598 lb., while a 45-foot high cube-shipping container holds 55,559 lb.

In addition to type and size, the quality of the actual container affects the price as well. Used containers often cost significantly less than the brand new containers.

A new 20-foot standard shipping container costs approximately $3,000 USD, while a used one will cost about $2,100 USD.

A new 20-foot high cube-shipping container costs $3,200 USD, while a used one is approximately $2,200 USD.

A new 40-foot standard shipping container costs $5,600 USD, while a used one is $2,850 USD.

A new 40-foot high cube-shipping container costs $5,800 USD, while a used one costs $2,950 USD.

In Canada, the cost of shipping containers is similar. For example, one can find used shipping containers of various sizes starting from $1,850 to $3,000 CAD. Prices for new shipping containers are similar as well.

Other Recommended Purchases

When one has purchased the shipping container, additional items will make the shipping process much easier. These include a pump truck, ratchet straps, and even Krown Rust. All items can easily be purchased from a shipping company, in-store retailer, or even online.

Pump Trucks

A pump truck, also known as a pallet jack, pallet truck, or jigger, is used to move or lift pallets. These are perfect for helping speed up the shipping process.

Regular pump trucks for a 5,550 to 11,000 lb. capacity range from $230 to $600 USD, while deluxe models for a 5,550 lb. capacity range from $282 to $300 USD. Deluxe series features quick foot release, rubber handle, and entry wheels in the front.

Special pallet jacks, such as mini pallet jacks for 1,100 lb. cost approximately $400 USD, while low profile pallet jacks for 3,300 lb. are also $400 USD. A scissor pallet jack for 3,300 lb. costs $950 USD.

Pallet jacks with scales and printers range from $900 to $1680 USD.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps, or tie-down straps, are used for holding down cargo or equipment during transportation. They are often made of polyester webbing.

Lightweight ratchet straps are recommended for less intensive and easy work. They hold a weight of 250 to 3,000 kg. Heavy-duty ratchet straps are for tougher transportation jobs and are used for weights ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 kg.

Ratchet straps can be attached to the bed of a flatbed truck, on the sides of a flatbed truck to anchor points (D-rings), and to anchor points on the truck floor. In addition, ratchet straps can tie down a transportation load, or hold a piece of cargo inside an enclosed vehicle.

Ratchet straps range from $10 to $150 USD.

Krown Rust

Krown Rust, a petroleum-based rust inhibitor, slows down the corrosion of one’s vehicle. It is best for rust proofing body panels below one’s windows, including the seams and crevices of the floor panels. It can also be used on one’s shipping container.

Krown Rust is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-reactive. In addition, Krown Rust does not contain solvents, making it an environmentally friendly option. It costs approximately $120 USD per hour and only takes 1 hour to apply.

Best of all, Krown Rust increases the resale value of one’s vehicle or shipping container.

Purchasing a shipping container is now easier than ever, as well as additional products, such as Krown Rust, ratchet straps, and pump trucks. Do not hesitate to visit your favorite shipping company, in-store retailer, or online store today.