California – The authorities from the Santa Barbara County issued a massive evacuation due to the Sherpa wildfire. At 5 P.M. a mandatory evacuation notice was delivered this Monday for the people that inhabit the affected areas.

Refugio Canyon, Venadito Canyon, Las Flores Canyon, El Capitan Canyon, El Capitan State Beach, El Capitan Ranch, and Canada de la Destiladera, were some of them. The Santa Barbara Red Cross prepared the Wake Center at the Santa Barbara City College to work as a shelter for the people abiding by the clearing.

Firefighters work to chop dry brush that could fuel the already massive Sherpa Fire in northern Santa Barbara County. Credit: KABC/ABC7

The Santa Barbara Fire Department (SBFD) also issued evacuation warnings for other areas east of El Capitan Canyon to Farren Road; Las Llagas Canyon, Gato Canyon, Las Varas Canyon, Dos Pueblos Canyon, and Eagle Canyon.

A group of official groups has joined forces to tame the fire

The SBFD still does not know the cause of the wildfire, but they first spotted it on June 15, 2016 about 11 miles north of Goleta. The flames found their way in a favorable condition as the temperatures are very high, and there is little humidity. In addition, there are lots of Chaparral, large bushes and brush feeding the blaze. However, by analyzing the winds and the available fuels, the specialists have managed to control more than 60% of the perimeter. Since the fire managed to flank

However, by analyzing the winds and the available fuels, the specialists have managed to control more than 60% of the perimeter. Since the fire succeeded in flank on the east side, the situation is not entirely controlled and the combined forces of The Us Forest Service, Cal Fire, and Santa Barbara County Fire Department had to activate the emergency protocols.

To tame the almost 8000 acres Sherpa fire, authorities have dispatched more than 2000 members of their personnel armed with 143 engines, seven water tenders, 65 hand crews, 22 dozers and 15 helicopters. The report also says that depending on the flames’ behavior throughout the night, aerial support is ready for action. They hope to have the situation under total control by Thursday, June 23rd, 2016.

Highway 101 is currently open

There is no way to calculate the damages accurately, but the authorities expect the people to start returning home by Wednesday. So far, Highway 101 is currently open, but the people is recommended to drive slow as emergency vehicles moving a lot of personnel are transiting the roads. The SBFD also suggests individuals who want to go to a refugee center, or anywhere else, to contact the Department of Transportation for further information.

All in all, the reports are not alarming, they say the fire has reported moderate growth, and the combined forces of the county have managed to contained almost all the west side. No victims have been reported, and the officials are taking the necessary measures to keep it like that. Even Animal Service has established a hotline to assist pet and cattle owners. However, a lot of touristic areas will remain closed for a long time.

“California Department of Parks and Recreation announced on June 20 that Refugio State Beach will reopen to the public on Saturday, June 25. El Capitan State Beach will remain closed at least through July 15. This closure may extend beyond that date pending restoration of the water system damaged by the fire,” reads the memorandum made available by the SBFD.

Source: InciWeb