Session replay is a tool that allows for the recreation of the actions a visitor to a website takes on the websites they visit. It does this by noting inputs completed by the user which then allows the program to recreate the actions that the user took. It is a powerful tool that has a multitude of potential implications, which extend beyond the ones noted below in the article, though these are the broadest and wide-reaching.

Session Replay Changes How You Manage and Optimize Your Website

Solve Website Issues Quickly

One of the biggest issues for solving problems on a webpage is reproducing the circumstances of the error. These errors will not occur all the time they will only occur if very specific actions are taken. That means that finding the actions which result in an error can be a huge task but must be done before the error can begin to be fixed. Session replay tools remove this struggle from the equation, no longer does time have to be spent searching for what caused the error, a replay can be the view, noting all the actions taken. The actions taken can then be compared to any others that resulted in an error to further assist in narrowing down the problem code.

Optimize Your Site

The point of a webpage, regardless of the sector, is to drive people to what you want them to select. Regardless of the website, the goal is almost always the same, to get the user to purchase something. Having more information about why this happens, or more importantly, doesn’t, is priceless; session replay allows you to better identify why people are not taking the actions that you want them to. They might struggle to navigate your user interface or experience errors, regardless of the reason you are able to better understand how you can optimize your page.

Enhance Customer Support

Customer support is even more important than most companies believe. The approach is always about the product that is being sold, however, customer service is essential to adding and maintaining a business. A good customer service reputation can turn unhappy customers into returning ones that bring new customers with them. Replay software can assist greatly with this retainment by being able to identify exactly what a customer was doing on your website when they had an issue. If they received an error you can identify what error it was, or if they simply had trouble navigating your website you can accurately guide them due to the ability to view what the customer has viewed in real-time.

Understand Website Interactions

Being able to understand how the user interacts with your website is also essential to make sure it is successful and user friendly. Previously we have had far fewer data about how our websites were being used and what people find easy and don’t find easy to navigate. With session replay, it is possible to look at visits on a macro scale and identify what people actually do on your website. This includes what pages they visit, where they click, how long they spend on pages. All information that you can then use to ensure your website directs people to where you want them to be.