Apparently, there is a version of Tinder that is exclusive for rich, famous and good-looking people. To become a user of Tinder Select, a person has to be nominated by another member. As well, the app might select people based on their “elo score,” which determines how desirable a person is.

This secret invite-only version of Tinder allows users to navigate between the regular version and the exclusive one. Though it might be shocking for many to hear about this secret app, it seems that it had been used for months by CEOs, models, celebrities and super attractive people.

Tinder Select
“It eliminates gold diggers. Well, I don’t know. If someone has money, you want to know if someone’s with you because they like you, not because of what you have, said a female interviewee about the matter. Image credit: Tech Crunch.

Tinder Select has been around for months

A lot of people has used Tinder to find a hookup or a match. It is pretty easy, swipe left if you don’t like a person’s profile and right if you do. However, a lot of people might be swiping left more often than they swipe right. Maybe this is because really good looking people are using another dating platform to find their “soulmate.” Though it was not public knowledge, there seems to be an exclusive Tinder version for really attractive and influential people, and it has been out for months. Tinder Select is only available for CEOs, models, celebrities, rich and really attractive people.

However, becoming a user of this elite network is not so easy. Tinder invites people who matches its criteria, and it allows these exclusive users to nominate others. The app uses an algorithm to determine how desirable a person is. In this version, the orange flame icon is replaced by a corporate-looking blue “S” at the top of the screen that is used for toggling in and out of both versions of the app.

Tinder Select
Two models using a smartphone. Image credit: Business Insider.

Tinder Select is not the only exclusive dating app

Tough some might think that Tinder Select is unfair since it is not democratized, it is not the sole site with such characteristics. Bumble, which is a competitor of Tinder, announced it is relaunching the VIBee app, to make it a “curated digital social club.” Raya is an under-the-radar dating app for famous people too. It invites Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. As well, The League is another invite-only app that is used by young professionals, and it is based on their education and professional achievements.

Some people don’t like the idea of an exclusive app since it limits the options and it doesn’t matter if the person is rich or beautiful. Matchmaker Jennifer Zucher, from Project Soulmate, believes that this variation reduces people’s dating potential.

“I would swipe left. You just don’t know what package your soulmate is going to come in, so I feel like it’s really limiting,” Zucher said. “Not everything is about looks and especially if you’re only putting people who are nines or tens. What if your soulmate is an eight? A lot of people who have fame or wealth don’t want people to want them for their fame or wealth. Broaden those horizons.”

Source:  Science world Report