Samsung Electronics has released a tempting offer to buy the latest Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge and its Edge+ version. Now you can have these brand new smartphones with an installment plan or lease and get a rebate of all monthly device payments up to $120. The plan also included an assignment of $100 credit for Google Play, if you trade in an iPhone.

However, the offer has certain limitations. To start, it is only valid in the United States and it excludes devices from AT&T, so if your smartphone is running on the AT&T network, you won’t be able to join this plan. Also, the promotion eliminates all activation fees, taxes and data/wireless costs and charges.

The installment plan will begin on October 9th, and Samsung will finance the rest of your monthly payments in 2015, paying up to three installments for the phone.

Therefore, the South Korean company will only accept devices from T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and US Cellular. In addition, people will have to register in Samsung’s website in order to sign up for the promotion.

Trying to get iPhone customers

We all know that one of the most prominent competitors for Samsung is Apple. The world is practically divided by Galaxy and iPhone users. With this new promotion, the South Korean company is trying to tempt Apple customers to see if they can possibly change their side. Now if you are ditching an iPhone, you will receive a credit of $100 in Google Play, so you can get free music, movies, games and “more of your favorite entertainment” as Samsung stated.

If you are an iPhone user and you want to sign up for this promotion you have to follow 4 simple steps. First, you have to head to Samsung Promotions on an eligible iPhone. Second, you will have to enter your email address so you can pre-register. Third, trade in your eligible iPhone at your local carrier for your preferred Galaxy. And finally, you will receive a $100 Google Play credit. AT&T customers are excluded from this offer.

Samsung has a history of trying to seduce iPhone customers. Just a few months ago, the company offered iPhone users a thirty-day test drive of a Galaxy phone for only one dollar and it proved to be very successful. Let’s see where this new promotion leads.

Source: The Verge