A new polemic video published by the Iranian State television appears to show some American sailors that were arrested on Tuesday. One of them recognized that two Navy Boats from the U.S. entered into Iranian waters and apologized with Iranian authorities while he affirmed that what happened was a misunderstanding.

The sailors were already released after the inconvenience took place. In the video it can be seen when an American said that the incursion was a mistake and apologized, he also accepted that the GPS coordinates indicated that the boats were in Iranian Waters. Authorities from the country said that the Americans have accorded to not to repeat the mistake again.

Image of U.S. Sailors detained in Iran. Credit: Rexburgstandardjournal.com

“After it became clear that the U.S. combat vessels’ illegal entry into the Islamic Republic of Iran’s waters was the result of an unintentional action and a mistake and after they extended an apology, the decision was made to release them. The captured marines were released in international waters under the supervision of the IRGC Navy,” said the Revolutionary Guard from Iran in a statement.

Iranian media featured the 10 sailors when they were detained, also, some pictures appear to show the confiscation of weapons from the sailors. Hours later, the same media showed images where the American sailors appeared to be eating in group with a less rigid look.

According to an official from the U.S., the incursion occurred as a consequence of a mechanical issue that was triggered in one of the boats. That being said, an investigation will be done to establish what exactly caused the entering of the boats to Iranian waters, as a spokesman for the Navy’s Fifth Fleet said to ABC News on Tuesday.

It was reported that the sailors are going to a U.S. military base, which is situated in international waters, to be part of a reintegration program for American military personnel that has been detained, ABC reported.

On Wednesday, John F. Kerry has communicated with Iranian authorities for at least five times. The U.S. Secretary of State said at the National Defense University that the sailors have been provided with blankets and food and remarked how important is the role of diplomacy in order to maintain the country “safe, secure and strong.”

When the incident was announced, thousands of Americans started debating about the relations among the U.S. and Iran. The Republican Jeb Bush said that Iran policy carried by president Obama was weak and humiliating. On the other hand, Kerry thanked Iran for its cooperation in the release.

Source: ABC News