Industry associations provide multiple benefits for the businesses that join them. Safety Marking Inc. is a member of the Connecticut Construction Industries Association (CCIA), a pavement marking services organization. The CCIA provides its member’s customized services and resources to enhance their competitiveness and promote the development of Connecticut’s construction industry. Below, Safety Marking Inc. details the advantages of industry associations:

Safety Marking Inc. Discusses The Benefits of Industry Associations

Education and Training

For business owners, industry associations can provide mentoring options to help organizations and the people who run them, further their industry knowledge. Additionally, many industry associations provide educational opportunities. Such opportunities can range from general workshops for basic business skills to more in-depth industry-focused training. Safety Marking has access to a range of educational and training opportunities through CCIA’s certificate programs, training, meetings, seminars, and conferences. Through CCIA’s membership, the pavement marking company also can access many industry-specific publications, websites, and resources.

Industry Advancement and Promotion

Businesses strive to promote themselves while advancing within the industry positively. Association membership can help organizations build a good reputation that reflects a dedication to growth, quality, care, and service innovation.

Don Shubert, president of the Connecticut Construction Industries Association (CCIA), shares, “One of the most important aspects of our industry associations is the ability to resource communication with partner agencies. In order to do that the organization has to rely on trusted information, integrity, and the quality of the information in order to build effective and good working environments. Safety Marking Inc. is one of the CCIA members that we always and continuously rely on for accurate information, particularly when working with various government agency specifications and issues that may arise.”

Federal and State Benefits

As a construction company, it is essential for Safety Marking to keep abreast of federal and state rules and regulations. The company’s CCIA membership helps SMC do this. CCIA membership includes benefits such as federal and state legislative-lobbying and monitoring, opportunities for members to interact with federal and state lawmakers, and representation before federal and state regulatory agencies.

Business Discount and Award Programs

A perk that comes with many industry associations include discounts to specific businesses and award programs. CCIA’s award programs include: Build CT, Industry Recognition Awards, Safety Recognition Awards, Safety Platinum Awards, Community Service Awards, and Conn DOT Asphalt Pavement Awards, and Arthur Gruhn Excellence in Construction Awards. If won, these awards contribute to strengthening a company’s reputation.

Guaranteed Networking

As a member of CCIA, Safety Marking has access to National Industry Association partnerships as well as additional sector-specific allied organizations like the Connecticut Concrete Promotional Council (CCPC), the Equipment Maintenance Forum (EMF), the Young Contractors Forum, Safety Roundtables, Safety Committee Meetings, the Annual Safety Conference and the OSHA/Conn OSHA Safety Alliance. These platforms make industry associations excellent for network building. Association activities mixed with member involvement opportunities provide many different options for business owners within the same industry to meet, converse, work together, and connect. Creating and maintaining relationships with other company leaders in the same sector adds significant value to any company. These relationships can instill growth, innovation, and problem-solving in both the company and industry.

About Safety Marking Inc.

Safety Marking Inc. is the pacesetting leader in the pavement marking industry. Mark Kelly started the company in 1973 as a small, family-owned striping business serving Fairfield County, Connecticut. With constant development came broader, more significant contracts and geographic expansion. The company now offers eight major types of services with offices in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.