The popular hummus producer Sabra  issued a voluntary recall of 57 of its products due to Listeria risks. Though listeria hasn’t been found in tested finished products they did found it at the manufacturing facility.

You might want to check the best-by date on your Sabra Hummus before you dip a chip in it. Sabra joins the list of the companies that have recently recalled their products given health and safety concerns. Customers with hummus with a best-before date up through January 23, 2017, must throw the product out immediately, according to the announcement made on the company’s website on Saturday.

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What happens if you get listeria on your humus?

Sabra Dipping Company made the recall announcement of 57 products after it was found Listeria Monocytognes in its manufacturing facility.

“Out of an abundance of caution after finding at the manufacturing facility, but not in tested finished product.” Said the voluntary recall announcement.

According to Sabra CEO Shali Shalit Shoval, the recall falls in line with new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criteria that establishes that the presence and certain contaminants in the general environment could be a reason for recall, even though there is no confirmation of this contaminant in the final product

“Working closely with the above-mentioned experts, we are striving to exceed that and lead the industry in food safety,” said Sabra CEO.

However, listeria symptoms are not so severe, they do manifest in different ways depending on the person. The symptoms include fever, muscular ache, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms.  But it can seriously affect, newborns, the elderly, pregnant women and in general people with a weakened immune system. The FDA said that though people usually suffer only short-term symptoms, listeria could lead to miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.

Therefore if you have in your fridge one Sabra that falls in the list of the recalled products you can visit and ask for a reimbursement. The company is giving product-replacement coupons. As well, you can call Sabra for further concerns and doubts.

A recall wave in supermarkets 

The massive recall by Sabra was especially addressed to food products distributed in Florida. But Sabra is not the only company which has got to issue a recall petition. Wayne Farms did the same given its concerns about its precooked grilled chicken breast not being quite cooked.

Weight Watchers also joined the recall parade of chocolate chip cookie, dough flavor, and frozen desserts. Dr. Bob’s of Upland, the Californian ice cream maker, has shut down its business given listeria risk recalls of ice cream.

Source: Glamour