A young man from Russia who once served in the army was adverted to stop injecting a chemical solution he prepares at home to make his arms look bigger. If he doesn’t, doctors said he could lose and have them amputated, or worse.

Kirill Tereshin, a 21-year-old ex-soldier born in Pyatigorsk – a city placed in the south-western region of Stavropol Krai – began being a bodybuilder not so long ago. In fact, before serving, he had average arms like any other teenager. But when he left the army this summer, he started wanting his arms bigger and injecting the homemade and controversial liquid.

In just ten days, he increased the size of his biceps by around ten inches.

As of yesterday, Tereshin has injected 6 liters of the liquid into his body. Tereshin’s arms are 24 inches, forcing him to cut the sleeves of his t-shirts to use them comfortably. His Instagram community says he has Popeye-style biceps or “bazooka arms.”

Of course: some users might love his arms, but others don’t believe that what he’s doing is entirely healthy. Russians and people around the world on the internet have dubbed the man “freak,” and called his followers to stop glorifying him before he does more damage not only to himself but to others who might want to look similar.

The ex-soldier recently posted on the social media a picture of his left arm almost entirely colored red, with some parts of it turning blue. He added a caption saying that his “bazooka arms are about to fall off” and that doctors warned him they might have to proceed to amputate them if he doesn’t want to suffer from a paralysis.

Although doctors advised Tereshin to stop, he still wants to continue. Image credit: Vkontakte / east2west news

Doctors warned him that wasn’t the way to achieve what he wanted.

“I was doing it and getting a fever of up to 40 degrees,” said the 21-year-old bodybuilder. “I was lying in bed, feeling like I was dying, but then it all turned out fine.”

Other Russian doctors said he might face worse consequences than paralysis if he continues having his arms attached to his body.

As established before, Tereshin hasn’t listened to any advice in the years he’s been a bodybuilder. It seems that, no matter how many times more doctors warn him about the severe and proximate consequences, he’s decided not to stop injecting the homemade Synthol muscle-enhancer.

‘You need to inject liters into your arms’

Synthol is a substance manufactured by experts and sold to people who want to do the same as Tereshin: increase some part of their bodies. There are formulas which not only achieve it, but also make the muscles stronger. However, this liquid is not one of them, especially when it is homemade.

The manufacturers commonly prepare the Synthol with 85 percent of oil, 7.5 percent lidocaine, and 7.5 percent alcohol. But Tereshin said he makes his formula with unidentified-amounts of olive oil, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol.

Although Synthol doesn’t make people stronger, the Russian man said he exercises every week. He wants to become one of the best bodybuilders in the world and break various records with his enhanced figure.

Tereshin was once a thin teen before he entered the army. But when he left it this summer, he came back with a more muscled-body than before.

When the young Russian man started injecting the formula, he often used around 250 ml of Synthol. Then, he saw that his arms weren’t growing more than an inch, and decided to increase the amount as the days passed.

Kirill Tereshin decided to become a bodybuilder after he came back from the army. Image credit: The People YouTube / east2west news

In November, Kirill wrote on his Instagram that to reach the size his arms are today, people “need to inject liters” of the liquid into their arms.

Terreshin plans to make his arms at least 27 inches big. Then, he will continue “improving” his back, chest, and shoulders.

“I would like to get more than one million subscribers on Instagram and to stop working,” said the man, adding that somebody offered him to become a pornstar and that he was thinking about it.

A ‘dangerous liquid’

There’s a large number of people around the world who use their own homemade formulas to increase the size of their muscles. Experts and recognized bodybuilders advice not to do it.

For Kirill Sychev, a professional power-lifter, there is “something unhealthy” and visible in Tereshin’s attitude. According to him, people can even “see it on his face.”

Just like Tereshin, other people decide to use homemade substances to make their muscles look bigger. Image credit: Vkontakte / east2west news

“This is a person who needs complex medical help. Not just to drain his arms and detox his blood, but also psychiatric help,” said Scychev.

Doctors say Synthol can cause nerve damage, pulmonary embolisms, infections, sclerosing lipogranuloma, stroke and oil-filled cysts or ulcers in the muscle. However, there are not many restrictions on it, and several brands sell the product on the internet.

Professor Evgeny Lilin said that Tereshin might not have to get his arms amputated “immediately,” but it’s “very likely” he will one day. According to her, he’ll develop abscesses, then inflammation, and be at risk of “a stroke.”

Even if he stops adding the Synthol to his body, Lilin said Tereshin will have the substance in his muscles for the next “five to seven years.”

Source: Daily Mail