Demand creates supply, and therefore, with the development of global corporations, virtual board software has become in demand. At the same time, some large providers work in the world’s leading companies (LE) and some more modest providers cooperate with small and medium-sized businesses (SME). For this reason, today there are dozens of different programs for organizing negotiations of directors in online rooms. In this article, we will share the best software for organizing such meetings.

Review of the Top Best Virtual Board Software
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Unique solution for the virtual board meeting

The virtual boardroom is a modern solution for holding business meetings of top management of companies. The tool is used for virtual negotiations in solving important issues and the exchange of digital documents. Executives can be anywhere with 24/7 access to business data and the ability to connect.

To prepare for the virtual management meeting, you must:

  • Choose a secure board management software with the required set of functions.
  • Pay for a subscription or use a trial period.
  • Set a date and time for a virtual meeting that will be convenient for all members of the board of directors.
  • Provide access to documentation and agendas to designated participants.
  • Select and appoint a responsible person who will follow the minutes of the meeting.

Using specialized programs to digitize board meetings avoids unnecessary paperwork. The tasks assigned to the management reflect the economic situation in the company and can be immediately taken into consideration. Besides, an important point in the use of such software is data security.

Top best board portal software

There are many software options available to virtualize the executive meeting process. Such software has gained the greatest popularity thanks to the introduction of cloud technologies. As a result, companies were able to use SaaS and create their products in the digital cloud. Below you can check out the best and most popular solutions for online conferences of members of directors.

Azeus convene

We put Azeus in first place for a reason – this service has won many awards and is considered one of the best in its segment. The use of this software improves the efficiency of company management meetings and makes the process of exchanging data and documents faster and easier. Convene has an intuitive interface and the necessary set of functions with trial access in demo mode.

Key features:

  • access control and directory of participants in the meeting of the board of directors;
  • the ability to manage calendar events;
  • modern tools for teamwork;
  • the ability to use polls and online voting during an online meeting;
  • the presence of the tool “electronic signature”;
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Screen synchronization function between each participant in the process.
  • Easy to set upvoting.
  • Possibility to make notes and comments.
  • There are several ways to contact support.
  • There are not enough training materials to master the functionality of the program.

Azeus Convene is ideal for hosting online board meetings for non-profit organizations and small and medium-sized companies. It is an easy-to-learn and secure virtual platform for productive business negotiations for board members with the ability to share files.


This program combines several functions for an ideal online meeting of the board members of a company. You can carefully prepare all stages of the upcoming meeting, exchange documents and negotiate in the process. This way, NASDAQ Boardvantage helps you save time and get the most out of every meeting.

Interesting features:

  • control over the access of participants and tracking the actions of each of them;
  • archiving and storage of data, annual reporting;
  • setting and managing calendar events;
  • document management and branding setting;
  • use of ready-made document templates;
Advantages Disadvantages
  • The ability to conduct video conferences in real-time.
  • Availability of additional tools for thorough preparation for the upcoming meeting.
  • Scheduling internal meetings and live chat.
  • Lack of free subscription.

Nasdaq is best suited for paperless meeting solutions in large companies and midsize businesses. Besides, this tool is used in government and non-profit sectors. The price for a monthly subscription of the minimum set of options starts from $ 10. You can also use the trial period to evaluate the quality of the product.


This cloud-based service offers a wide range of features from scheduling board meetings to digital signatures and invitations. Here you will find tools such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook calendar, built-in VDR rooms, and more.


  • the possibility of planning the meeting process;
  • ready-made document templates;
  • an integrated tool for safe viewing of files;
  • intuitive task management;
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Access to important documents stored in one place.
  • The ability to create separate virtual rooms for data storage.
  • Cloud, SaaS, and Web Interface.
  • Several options for training.
  • Lack of version for Android.
  • The inconvenient function of searching for information within the platform.

ContractZen is designed for virtual meetings of small and medium-sized business executives. The monthly subscription is $ 9.50 with the option to pre-use a free trial.