If your HVAC business is struggling to stay afloat, you may need to implement a new marketing strategy. Digital services provide a host of affordable options for small business owners, from snagging new customer leads to managing your inventory and capital expenditures and beyond.

HVAC Engineer Working

In days gone by, you would need to hire specialists onto your payroll to manage various aspects of your business, and you would be geographically limited by the available talent pool in your area. The digital revolution now brings nationwide talent to your fingertips with subscription-based services that cost much less than hiring a full-time employee. Here are just a few ways the web can help you improve operations and keep your business from going under.

Don’t Wait for the Phone to Ring

At the dawn of the internet age, we thought a Megabyte was a big deal. Then came Gigabytes, then the term Terabytes, but even those terms have become small fish. According to a 2019 report by the World Economic Forum, our foray into the World Wide Web is on track to encompass 44 “zetabytes” by next year.

Buried inside that mind-boggling figure are tons of consumer data that can be narrowed down very specifically to benefit your business. Rather than spinning your wheels with blanket marketing campaigns that may not yield results, you can use companies like Sales Genie to purchase HVAC leads to reach exactly the right customers.

Digital Assistants are Kind of a Big Deal

In order to handle an increase in inquiry volume, you can use web-based services to field your calls instead of hiring a receptionist. Virtual receptionists and assistants provide you with a specific number that your customers can call for 24/7 customer service, and you can select a monthly subscription plan with an interface that fits your needs.

Manage Inventory and Equipment Effectively

One of the ways a small HVAC business can stand out from the competition is to cut the red tape involved in a service repair. Larger companies force a customer to wait at home for a window of time, send an estimator out who then must return to the office to prepare a quote, and then a new appointment must be scheduled for the actual service. Any HVAC business who can provide onsite, immediate service will instantly differentiate themselves from the competition.

Of course, this can mean carrying some inventory, which can negatively impact your cash flow. Having the right part at the right time can turn an inquiry into a customer who is a raving fan; having the wrong parts sit in your garage or van for months can drain your bottom line. One of the ways to balance this concern is to use asset tracking software, relying on hard data instead of opinion to drive your inventory management decisions.

Outsource Administration Duties

If you started an HVAC business so you could do HVAC work, you likely don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours bogged down with paperwork. Moreover, you cannot grow your business effectively if you spend your time doing things that you could easily delegate or outsource. Payroll and HR functions, accounting services, and even IT services can all be taken care of without hiring anyone to your payroll. Customer follow-ups and future appointment requests can be both outsourced as well as automated to help you retain your existing customer base.

Focusing on your existing customers will save money in the long run when you can spend less time chasing new business and more time building relationships. With a little research into subscription-based outsourcing, you can put the web to work for your business so you can get your operations back on track.