In today’s digital world, small business owners might think that every aspect of their business should have some digital spin to it: digital marketing, online sales, text message communication, etc.

Email Marketing Concept

But this is not always true. There are some time-tested business techniques that can be used with just as much success as their digital counterparts. Take direct mail marketing, for example. This “old-fashioned” method of marketing consists of sending out flyers and printed advertisements to customer’s homes instead of their email inboxes.

Since this marketing method is considered to be antiquated, some business owners may not know what to do when launching a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Here are some tips and tricks that will help anyone succeed with this marketing technique.

Create something useful

So much paper gets wasted nowadays, and most mail is either tossed directly into the trash or stuffed into a junk drawer. To bypass this, make sure your direct mail item is something that not only stands out but is useful too.

When creating your flyer, think to yourself, “what is something my customers can use?” and go from there. Good ideas include notebooks/notepads, New Year’s resolution sheets, magnets with informational phone numbers, or even a paint swatch.

Remember, at the end of the day, there is no such thing as being too creative when it comes to direct mail marketing.

Content is king

When someone gets a mailer with tons of print on it, they most likely will chuck it to the curb. Investing in the content on your flyer can be the difference between converting a potential customer or getting tossed into the trash.

You want to be as specific as possible, but also explain the benefits of your product to the end reader. They will need to know why they should invest in your product/service compared to your competitors.

For example, if you sell metal roofing, explicitly list out the benefits that come with metal roofs compared to traditional shingles. Or if you offer a fitness class, make it clear what you do in each different class that makes you stand out. Without content, your flyer will be useless, so you will want to invest in it as much as possible.

Include samples and make it lumpy

Curiosity killed the cat, and it also makes potential clients want to figure out what’s in your package if it’s lumpy! Consumers like to experience a new product with as many senses as possible, to encourage their sense of sight, touch, and possibly smell by including a sample in your order.

Plus, including a sample will help quell any possible questions about the quality of your product, so it doesn’t hurt to include something small.

Use a stamp

With the barrage of companies using direct mail nowadays, it can be easy to spot when something has been mass mailed. And unfortunately, when something is mass mailed, it lacks the personalization that many customers crave.

Simply adding a stamp to your envelopes can work wonders in making the recipient feel acknowledged, and it reminds them that a person was behind sending that piece of mail. While it makes take a few extra minutes to do this, it can really help boost your conversion rate within your direct mail campaign.

With these tips in mind, direct mail marketing doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of ways you can use these hacks to your advantage when it comes to creating a successful direct mail campaign, so feel free to be creative and get your word out there!