The annual Relay for Life events are now being organized around the country by different schools and organizations and they will be held at several locations during April.

The Relay for Life is annually organized to gather Cancer supporters, fighters, and survivors with the purpose of remembering loved ones lost to cancer and to honor those fighting the disease. It also helps to raise funds for cancer survivors and cancer research. They normally feature survivors sharing their experience to create conscience of the illness among the attendees.

Teams gather with tents and sleeping bags to participate in the largest fundraising walk in the nation. Credit: ACS Nebraska

Normally, adults organize the ceremony each year, but in this oportunity, students are taking a step forward taking charge of the organization of the event. Highschools around the country are taking the month to honor survivors, lost ones and their families with.

Be your favorite superhero

Northern Highlands Regional High School is organizing its fourth annual Realy for life and the theme the school chose for this year’s race is your favorite superhero. The Realy will be held on May 21 and 22, from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Northern Highlands Regional High School race raises funds to provide rides to cancer patients and caregivers, one-on-one support, and free lodging for patients undergoing cancer treatment and their caregivers. In case you want to be part of the race, the pre-registration deadline for Relay for Life is May 11.

It seems that the superhero theme is creating a lot of interest and excitement in the race, Lucine Beylerian, one of the Relay organizer, said a lot of people have shown interest on it.

“People embrace the theme at different levels. Some create their own capes to look like superhéroes. Each team will have a name and a (super) power and they will do something to incorporate that” she said.

More schools sum up for the event

Armwood High School in Seffner is also being part of the annual event. The students took charge of the organization of what might be the American Cancer Society’s major annual fundraising event. Ashley Johns, 16, a junior at Armwood High and the community liaison for Armwood’s Relay For Life said Strong, developed student leaders are working together as a team, that their committee is passionate, persistent and ready to tackle any obstacles head on.

UNC Charlotte community gathered inside UNC Charlotte’s Halton Arena to attend the Relay for Life April 1. The all-night event ran from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m with the soul purpose to raise money to help the American Cancer Society fight cancer.

Student organizations and teams outside the UNC Charlotte community help during the event by setting up tables around the indoor track. Games such as Just Dance, corn hole, a life-size version of Angry Birds were played along the night to raise money.

Source: Chicago Tribune