The Hague, Netherlands – Another referendum is having place on our European Union conflicted Netherlands, where the Dutch voters went to the polls this Wednesday to back an EU-Ukraine pact.

This vote where their organizers openly admitted that is not about Ukraine but about an anti-EU broader attitude that is being very closely watched ahead of the “Brexit” referendum in June, where the British will vote if they want to stay or not into the European Union.

400 000 Dutchmen were convinced to vote on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement that they know nothing about. Credit: Euromaidan Press

For this ballot to be valid, at least, the attendant of 30 percent– about 12.5 million – of people eligible to vote, but the Dutch media has stated that only about 10-15 percent of voters have cast their right on the poll; the last time Dutch people went to the polls, about a 75 percent of them flocking to the ballot.

Also, this is the first time Netherlands since they were forced by a loose coalition of skeptical Europeans that managed to gather last year about 430,000 signatures in just six weeks, where deals like this one were ratified by the governments of 28 EU members with no referendum at all.

If the Dutch gives to this referendum a “No” the 2 years treat with Ukraine could be a headache for the EU, where Moscow has their eyes on this ballot.

Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that the Dutch have to help Ukraine to build up a democratic judicial state that supported minorities like Jews or the gay community where he made a call to Netherlands to vote and vote in favor.

Also, one of the most popular anti-Islam lawmakers Geert Wilders, who is a tough opponent of the EU, stated that he hopes the ballot give hope to other nations to questioning their place in Europe.

Dutch opponents of the EU-Ukraine expressed their goal is to bring Kiev into the EU and argue that the parties shouldn’t deal with Ukrainian leadership in an attempt to stop widespread corruption into the country.

At 5 p.m. (1500GTM) the Rotterdam municipality reported that 15.4 percent of people have voted, just right before the polls was closed. At 1 p.m. In Amsterdam was 6.5 percent and The Hague said the turnouts were about 15.7 percent.

Source: The New York Times