Dual diagnosis treatments are necessary if you are one of those with mental disorders added to substance abuse. And you must choose only the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Malibu California, for effective treatments.

Read About the Services by Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Malibu California

Such common dual diagnosis services or treatments are as follows:

Non-12-step rehab therapies:

Even though 12-step rehab is a genuine program, patients often want to try something new and better. The non-12-step programs have evolved. They consider applying evidence-based therapies over mere consultations.

Patients requesting enrolment in non-12-step rehab centers have stronger willpower than ever. They are slightly more aware than other patients. Therefore, it’s with the consent of the patient and his/her guardians that these practical therapy sessions are conducted.

However, these sessions are conducted by clinical experts. They have more than a decade’s experience in handling dual disorders like ADHD, and addiction, depression and addiction, anxiety, and addiction.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services:

Medication is the strength of this program. However, equal focus is on the behavioral front. Psychologists aim to improve the patient’s overall well-being. They closely monitor the prescribed medicines given to the patient.

Regular check-ups, tests, and sessions are held between the assigned psychologist or doctor with the patient. This process follows practical examples and proofs. Medicines with a record of improvement for the patient’s independence and reducing the urges to consume are preferred more.

At dual diagnosis treatment centers in Malibu California, like Oro House, doctors use this therapy to eradicate opioid and heroin addiction. These two addictions are most in our nation.

Stats have proved that every nine out of 10 people consume other drugs if they are already addicted to heroin. Back in 2018, 2 million people in the USA were already hooked to opioid consumption.

Therefore, the MAT services by dual diagnosis centers are essential. They help in deciphering which medicine is best for an individual patient. The course of the medication can last from 6 months to maybe a few years. It depends on the addiction that the patient suffers from.

The primary focus of MAT is to normalize the daily routine of the patient. Using MAT processes, patients win confidence over themselves. They become less susceptible to consuming any substance.

Initially, there will be psychological imbalances and withdrawal symptoms. That is common. What makes a difference is how clinical psychologists help patients through such a traumatic episode at rehab centers.

Alcohol addiction treatment:

As per the NIAAA study, 14.1 people are already addicted to alcohol in the USA. This is nothing to be proud of when the same research shows that 85 percent of the American population consumes alcohol often.

Therefore, it’s the most common affliction and disorder that can hamper one’s social, mental, and emotional condition. Psychologists and psychotherapists have to go deeper in studying their patients. They have to gain the patient’s trust, which is also too fickle.

It’s better to trust those rehab centers existing for the last 20-40 years. At least, they have a steady growth as per their stats. You will also be assigned disciplined and compassionate doctors to your case if you are the patient at these centers.