PlayStation already got into the Virtual Reality market, and some new titles were released to use with the PlayStation VR Headset. To most players and users of this VR products, PlayStation initially failed to have a “killer app” or game to explore the VR experience altogether. However, Rez Infinite seems to be on the top of the list to gain that title.

Project Morpheus, how it was initially known, developed the virtual reality head-mounted display that works with the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation VR (PSVR) is now among the most desired objects to players around the world, and it can output images both to the headset and the television, allowing players without the PSVR to participate in the game and interact with the player using the headset.

Rez Infinite seems to be on the top of the list of PlayStation VR best games. Photo credit: PlayStation / Road Tovr
Rez Infinite seems to be on the top of the list of PlayStation VR best games. Photo credit: PlayStation / Road Tovr

About Rez Infinite

It is important to notice that this is not a new game. Rez, how it was known originally, was released initially for the PlayStation 2 almost 15 years ago and it captured a considerable amount of fans. Rez is a rail shooter video game with music as the main component.

The giant tech-game Japanese company, Sega, developed it through a special division called United Game Artists, that eventually became the Sonic Team, to create it as a musical game where the player creates electronic melodies while shooting.

In 2008, the first High Definition version of Rez was released but this time, for Xbox Live Arcade. This October Rez Infinite was revealed to PSVR users, including an optional Trance Vibrator peripheral to transform the game into a synesthetic experience and the secret of Rez Infinite may be that synesthesia factor. The neurological phenomenon stimulates one sensory pathway and leads to automatic experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

The game is getting more popular every day for its simplicity. It is not necessary to move the character since the shooter moves on its own. To some, this is a mind-trip game where the player can let forced routines go to embrace a simple motion musical experience. Players must aim properly and shoot targets to produce the melodies, without having to add hand movement.

The graphic identity of the game is clean and loyal to the simple arcade style, but with enough sophistication to introduce the player to a mostly relaxing virtual reality.

Other games available for PSVR

Headmaster from Frame Interactive is a simple game based on VR heading mechanic where the player moves their head to hit balls towards individual targets. The game leads to a skill-based puzzle game where different factors are involved in the success of the player.

SuperHyperCube is an arcade game, developed by Polytron, where the player works with 3D stacks of cubes and two-dimensional walls, creating structures and correct orientations.

Another game available for VR is Super Stardust Ultra, a game series created by Housemarque that has been available for PlayStation 3 and four. The player faces asteroids while blowing rocks with several space weapons.

Thumper is a high-speed futuristic race game that also uses music as a relevant component of the VR experience. Also simple in its aesthetics and mechanics, Thumper fits into the endless runner genre.

Source: The Verge