Sony has launched the new PlayStation VR, along with some of the games that will be compatible with the new virtual reality headset.

The PlayStation VR will be capable of allowing gamers to submerge into the next layer of electronic entertainment, putting themselves in the eyes of their favorite video game protagonist. PSVR launch games include Job Simulator, Thumper, and Batman Arkham: VR.

Sony Playstation VR
Gamers can already play Job Simulator, Thumper, and Batman Arkham: VR on Virtual Reallity. Image credit: Sony.

Virtual reality has arrived in our living rooms

Firstly, PlayStation VR will be compatible with regular TV and 2D games. There are several screen configurations as the user may choose to see movies or TV shows right in their field of view. This is known as Cinematic Mode, where a 1920×1080 split screen will be in front of each eye. Reportedly, framerate for each entertainment experience will not be reduced as it is projected to the virtual reality headset.

There’s also the Social Screen feature, which allows gamers to show others what they see in their headset. This will be especially useful for streamers and YouTubers, who will be able to record what is being displayed through PlayStation VR by recording the TV screen.

Sony Playstation VR
Playstation VR. Image credit: Sony.

So far, Sony has not announced the health implications of using Playstation VR for too long. The only suggestion is to take frequent breaks whenever considered necessary. Most VR headsets cause dizziness and nausea after prolonged periods of use.

“VR sickness is a very real concern that has taken both software and hardware developers years to address. This is the difference between perceived motion in the virtual world,” stated Sony on their PlayStation blog. “Different people will handle this sensation differently. Initial discomfort may be a problem for some users, but this often fades, and the majority of players will be able to use the headset without any issues.”

One of the few comfortable VR headsets

Sony noted that PSVR was developed for comfort, affordability, and ease of use, relinquishing some aesthetic performance to allow nearly anyone with a PS4 to enjoy virtual reality.

To install the PSVR, users need to plug their HDMI cable to a new processing unit that will be conected in the front of the PS4 through a USB 3.0 port. The system comes with an extension cord to allow freedom of movement for the player.

One of the benefits of PlayStation VR is that it allows gamers to use glasses while they are wearing the headset. The Playstation VR’s focal distance can be adjusted depending on the player’s visibility prescription.  The gadget is also very balanced, as the rear headband has been equipped with weights to prioritize user comfort.

Compatibility with 3D photos and audio is expected to arrive at PlayStation VR, and most of the games allow gamers to use the console’s DualShock 4 controllers. But it seems that some PSVR titles will require the use of Playstation Move controllers.

The headset is compatible with any given pair of headphones. Only PlayStation is compatible with PlayStation VR. The list price for PlayStation VR is $399. A pack including PlayStation Camera and Move controllers will be available for $500, which is still considered to be in the lower price range for virtual reality headsets.

Source: Playstation