On Equal Pay Day, Hired released a study revealing that the offers of companies for female job candidates are three percent less on average than the offers for male candidates.

For the study in San Francisco, the firm analyzed data from 15,000 candidates and 3,000 companies, looking for technical roles sales and marketing at tech companies. The results showed that in 69 percent of the cases studied, men are receiving  higher salary offers than women for the same positions.

Women demand laws that reflect the reality of our lives. Happy Equal Pay Day. May there be a time very soon where every day is an equal pay day for women. Credit: pennsylvanianow.org

In the other hand, and according to the study, women use to have a salary expectation per year of  $14,000 less  than men. There are cases where the pay gap can reach the 30%.

The gender disparities in tech have been on the spot for years, but recently tech companies are being  pushed from investors groups to show gender wage gaps in their workforces.

However, the study also revealed that women in junior roles are setting their salary expectations higher than men at the same level and, on average, they are getting more paid, about a seven percent more than men.

Facebook and Microsoft claim to be paying the same to men and women

Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corp claimed that they there’s no pay gap in their payment system between men and women. The companies released the information on Tuesday’s Equal Pay Day.

Regardless of what Facebook and Microsoft affirmed, a new survey proves that the gap in salaries does exist in the tech industry between men and women software engineers, which, according to Arjuna’s study, is 7 percent at major corporations, while in younger companies it is 4 percent.

“If tech companies want to attract and retain the best talent and are going to move women into leadership roles that will make the companies more competitive, they need to pay men and women the same, and they need to be transparent about how they are doing that,” said Natasha Lamb, a partner at Arjuna Capital.

According to Arjuna, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Intel Corp have disclosed pay data, while Expedia Inc. promised to do the same in October. But some others, like Facebook and Alphabet Inc, haven’t released data, still they claim to be paying the same to women and men.

According to a blog post of Microsft, their female employees earn 99.8 cents for every dollar earned by men at the same job title and level.

Intel was the first to release numbers that showed they had reached 100% gender pay parity across its U.S. workforce.

The three big myths about the gender pay gap according to Hilary Clinton


In commemoration of Equal Pay Day, democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton assisted in New York City to a discussion on pay equality hosted by job site Glassdoor.

At the event Tuesday morning, Clinton named the biggest three myths around the gender pay gap:

The first one: some people don’t believe in such thing as the pay gap. “The typical woman working full time in 2014 was paid 79% of what men were paid. When you break it down for African American women, it was 60%, and for Latinas, it was 55%. And the last time I checked, there’s no discount for being a woman – groceries don’t cost less for us.” said Clinton.

The second one, some people still believe that this issue only affects women. “If you’re a man married to a woman, a man who is the son of a working woman, or the father to a young working woman, this is your problem, too,” added Clinton.

And the last one, the believing that this is the problem that can’t be solved. “But we can if we summon the political will,” she said.

Source: Hired