Pierre Thomas argues that the images of the murder of Will Smith have caused a deep impression on him. The events occurred in New Orleans’ lower Garden District after a three-car collision. It is known that Thomas indeed had met with Smith moments before the shooting, but police are yet to determine his exact whereabouts in the course of the night.

Thomas was photographed by NOLA.com that same evening, but further investigations have revealed more impacting and detailed evidence that have opened up the case.

New Orleans Saints’ Will Smith was shot dead on Saturday in New Orleans. Credit: LA Times

Will Smith’s murder

According to the reports of the New Orleans Police Department, 34-year old Will Smith was murdered on the spot and his 33-year old wife was found injured. Thomas argues that Smith was shot and killed “OVER A (F—ING) FENDER BENDER!!!!” as shots were fired in the area around 11:30 pm last Saturday.

Will Smith and his wife were driving in their silver Mercedes-Benz G63, heading towards Sophie Wright Place. The car was hit by an orange Hummer H2 from the back, and subsequently, Smith’s car crashed into a Chevrolet Impala; which was being driven by alleged friends of Smith.

Smith and the Hummer’s driver Cardell Hayes had a conversation that quickly turned into a heated argument. Hayes pulled a .45 caliber revolver and fired upon Smith and his wife.

When the police arrived, they found Smith inside of his vehicle with several gunshot wounds. Smith was pronounced dead shortly after. At the time of the arrival, Hayes was still on the scene and he was questioned and identified as the killer. There was another person inside the orange Hummer, who proceeded to cooperate through a statement.

After a search performed on the three vehicles, police had found .45 casings, a fully loaded revolver and on Smith’s vehicle, a 9mm handgun, although there were no 9mm casings anywhere in the scene nor in any of the vehicles.

Cardell Hayes was charged with Second Degree Murder but the charge related to Smith’s wife injury is yet to be further investigated. There seems to be surveillance footage related to the incident that shows the moments before the collision took place, as the Hummer was about to rear-end Will Smith’s Mercedes into the Chevrolet Impala in front of him.

Just hours before the incident, Peter Thomas and Will Smith had dined with close friend Billy Ceravolo, at Sake Cafe on Magazine St.

Source: WGNO