Sacramento – The Golden 1 Center had a well-deserved rock inauguration after receiving the legend Paul McCartney Tuesday night. The singer gave a three-hour concert and went through over 50 years of music.

The Golden 1 Center represents a new era of Sacramento’s entertainment and concert-going, and Mr. Paul Mc Cartney’s performance was the prove of it. Over 15 thousand people went to the arena Tuesday to sing “Hey Jude” and other hits. They all gathered at the $8 million Piglet sculpture in the plaza that connects with the arena to get a chance to admire the legend’s talent that has endured more than five decades.

The singer gave a three-hour concert and went through over 50 years of music. Photo credit:  Newsclip
The singer gave a three-hour concert and went through over 50 years of music. Photo credit: Newsclip

McCartney opened the concert with “A Hard Day’s Night” and began its three-hour spectacle. This is the third time McCartney is in Sacramento, but the other last two performances -the first one in 2002 and the second one in 2005-  took place in the old arena: Arco Arena, where the quality sound was not the best. Arco Arena was called “Echo Arena” due to its cave-like sound, many concertgoers reported.

The former Beatle was the first artist to activate the Golden 1 Center -and its improved sound features-  as a concert facility, and he did as expected.

The level of balance and clarity in the Golden 1 Center’s sound system was applauded by fans because it allowed them to enjoy Mr. McCartney’s art and talent truly. Although the good sound system also highlighted the legend’s few flaws.

McCartney, who is 74 years old, could not keep a clear voice when singing the “oohs” in “Here Today.” Spectators heard a slight creakiness when the musician tried to reach high notes in “Maybe I’m Amazed,” especially in the chorus. But that did not make the concert a bad experienced at all. After so many years of playing music, fans understand the few flaws they could spot.

The singer used black jeans and a trim blazer to delight his audience with all his hits. The first mood, which included constant roars and applauses, stayed upbeat throughout the show. Paul McCartney played and sang a broad range of styles and moods Tuesday night, including Beatles’ “Here There and Everywhere.” “Temporary Secretary,” and many other hits from his pre-Beatle times to songs from McCartney’s 2013 track.

McCartney did not perform for a vast audience since August 18 in Cleveland and still he managed to keep the audience clapping, roaring and singing to all his songs. The iconic musician is one of the most revered performers in pop music history. 

The former Beatle member did not forget to sing his most famous songs which made the audience really excited. The Arena trembled when singing “na, na, na, na,” during “Hey Jude.” And without fail, “Let It Be” and “Love Me Do” were also sang along, reports The Sacramento Bee.

Source: The Sacramento Bee