California- Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, used Instagram and Snapchat to share her meaningful visit to the Neverland Ranch Thursday. The now 18-year-old showed her excitement over visiting her childhood house, where she grew with her two brothers: Blanket and Prince.

Paris posted a picture on her Instagram account that portrayed the picturesque house with a caption that read: “Felt so good to be home for a little bit.” She also shared a photo and a video with two llamas and a goat, that are part of the zoo of the King of the Pop’s property. The names of the animals are Rickie, Survivor, and Kyle.

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, visited Thursday  her childhood house, the Neverland Ranch. Photo credit: Today Parents
Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, visited Thursday her childhood house, the Neverland Ranch. Photo credit: Today Parents

The young actress disabled comments on her Instagram page and still got over 34,200 likes in her post showing the Neverland Ranch house. The video with the goat and the llamas got more than 67,500 views.

The Neverland Ranch was a project that started near Santa Ynez, California, and it was transformed on the amusement park Michael Jackson intended in 1988. The property has a Ferris Wheel, a carousel, a menagerie, and a theater. And of course, a zoo.

Michael Jackson’s daughter was not on the ranch by herself. Paris new boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, was making her company after they recently enjoyed a vacation in Central America. They went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and previously they spent time camping in Joshua Tree National Park. The couple has been dating since April, and they went public on social media.

Paris confessed on an Instagram post in February that she was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, where she met Michael. Before dating the Street Drum Corps performer, Paris Jackson was seeing soccer player Chester Castellaw.

felt so good to be home even for a little bit.

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The story behind the Neverland Ranch

The Jackson family moved out of the ranch in 2005. The King of Pop died four years later in a different house from a drug overdose. Michael Jackson died in June 2009, aged 50, after mixing propofol and benzodiazepine.

And still, after his death, the artists continues to make money. In 2015 Forbes ranked Michael Jackson as the top-earning dead celebrity for six straight years earning $115 million.

Neverland was put on the market in 2015 for $100 million, and according to Bloomberg, by March 2016, the place is still on the market for the same price. 

Paris said in 2013 that when she visited the ranch in 2011, six years after moving out, she told she cried a lot. Paris stated the place still has good energy and expressed her thoughts regarding restoring the ranch. Jackson said Neverland was meant for children that did not have a childhood -like kids that had spent a lot of time in hospitals-  and the ranch should be restored so those children could enjoy the place. Young Paris told the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine that as soon as she became an adult, she would take care of it.

Source: Vanity Fair