Weakness, numbness, and pain? Look no further, Peripheral Neuropathy is the name. Many people suffer from this condition and many believe there is no way of feeling better beyond pharmaceutical therapies. At Neurological Solutions, Dr. Allan Spiegel is offering his patients a variety of treatments they can use independently or alongside medications to treat that pesky nerve pain.

Pain in the Nerve? Dr. Allan Spiegel Discusses Peripheral Neuropathy

Approximately 30 % of Neuropathy cases are caused by nerve damage associated with Diabetes. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “hundreds of diseases are connected to neuropathic pain. Apart from Diabetes, the most common causes of Neuropathy are vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune diseases like arthritis, alcoholism, injury, and genetic disorders.” So if there are so many causes for Neuropathy, then there must be as many solutions. Dr. Allan Spiegel, MD has set up an office with various treatment options. You will find Bemer Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Physical Therapy, all of which are found to be extremely effective in the treatment of Neuropathy.

Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation also called “BEMER” is an extremely effective device for patients suffering from Neuropathy. When you concentrate BEMER therapy on the neuropathy-affected areas you can enhance and restore microcirculation around the damaged nerves. Better blood flow means, first of all, slowed deterioration. When nerve damage occurs due to impaired blood flow caused by the underlying condition, BEMER treatments limit further damage.

According to the Physicians at Oxford Recovery Center “HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an effective treatment for neuropathy. By driving oxygen deep into tissues, it reduces cell death and pain symptoms. Hyperbaric oxygen also stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, enabling the body to increase effective oxygen and nutrient delivery. With HBOT therapy, in addition to the blood, all body fluids including the lymph and cerebrospinal fluids are infused with the healing benefits of this molecular oxygen. It can reach bone and tissues which are inaccessible to red blood cells, enhance white blood cell function, and promote the formation of new capillary and peripheral blood vessels..” Dr. Allan Spiegel has been treating patients with HBO for Neuropathy for the past 20 years with major long-lasting results being afforded.

Another technique Dr. Allan Spiegel, MD offers is Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP). PRP is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. “Since 1950 Platelet-rich plasma has been used in dermatology and oral maxillofacial surgery, but its role as an effective alternative treatment in many other clinical applications has increased over the last years.” The Doctors at Assiut University state that “Platelets contain more than 1100 proteins which play a role in tissue repair and wound healing. Platelet-derived angiogenesis factors are capable of stimulating new capillary growth by inducing the migration of endothelial cells. It was suggested that this was the mechanism by which platelet factors influence the process of angiogenesis and revascularization.”

Now you may be asking, how can physical therapy help with my Neuropathy? Patients who suffer from Neuropathy also experience imbalance, ataxic gait, and low body muscle strength. Dr. Allan Spiegel’s Neuro-Physical Therapists can help reduce the symptoms of Neuropathy and reduce the impact it has on movements and activities. The patient and therapist will work to develop a treatment plan that addresses specific needs and goals. The therapist will work to improve the issues addressed with different exercises some of which may include nerve gliding activities, moderate-intensity exercise, balance and coordination exercises, and bracing.

According to Dr. Spiegel, “Finding relief for our patients is what we do best!”