Jason Freskos has carefully researched the many benefits of high-quality natural health products. His research inspired him to invest in a new business that focuses heavily on medicinal mushrooms.

Jason Freskos Starts Sacred Source Botanicals to Increase Access to Natural Immune Boosters

Many of these products can provide some immune system help, boosting people’s health and making it easier for them to fight short- and long-term diseases and come out with minimal suffering as a result. He believes that this type of investment is vital for the community and could help keep many individuals healthier and capable of fighting severe infections.

Why Jason Freskos Believes in Natural Immune Help

Over the years, various new and exciting immune boosters have been discovered in the natural world. For example, medicinal mushrooms have become well-known as a fascinating treatment option for many health issues. And Jason Freskos has found that these mushrooms help boost the immune system and provide other advantages that inspired him to start up Sacred Source Botanicals.

Formed in 2019, this company focuses on using all-natural ingredients drawn from the Earth to help increase immune system health. This benefit is critical because the immune system is the first-line defender against various diseases and health concerns. And a growing number of people are suffering from poor immune system defenses due to poor diets, genetic predisposition, and much more.

Unfortunately, many people who developed the worst COVID-19 symptoms were those with the weakest and most struggling immune systems. Jason Freskos hopes to help those in this situation by providing nutrients that give their bodies the best chance of fighting off diseases. These natural ingredients include various types of foods and supplements that make a person healthier.

Sacred Source Botanicals currently focuses on mushroom-based powders. These powders can be mixed into drinks and foods and only moderately affect their taste. Some people even like the taste of these powders and use them in various baking recipes. And while they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for traditional medical care, these powders can provide many benefits for the immune system.

Even better, Jason Freskos quotes studies that show medicinal mushrooms help with sleep-related problems, anxiety-related issues, troubles with memory, lack of concentration, and much more. Some studies even show that these powders may help with some symptoms of cancer, such as helping to decrease pain and inflammation in some people going through various treatments.

By focusing on these powders and their beneficial use, Sacred Source Botanicals hopes to provide long-term help for those experiencing weakened immune systems. Every health boost is good, Freskos argues because it can give individuals who may not respond well to traditional medications a chance to improve their immune system.

Doing so can help avoid long-term suffering that may otherwise result from this situation, and when used alongside conventional medicine, he believes that these mushrooms could boost immune systems and fight infections for many people.