Microsoft is testing a new version of its e-mail platform. Outlook Premium would be a private domain service without advertisement and it would include an improve version of calendar sharing. In other words, customized e-mail addresses, good bye ads and a calendar full of new features. The company is testing the new product with a group of people in the United States. The only way to test it is having an invitation.

This is not the first time Microsoft tries to monetize its e-mail platform. In the past, they released Windows Live accounts with private domains, but the project was discontinued forcing its clients to migrate to Google Apps and other similar platforms.

Microsoft is testing a new version of its e-mail platform. Photo credit: Petri
Microsoft is testing a new version of its e-mail platform. Photo credit: Petri

“We are testing with a limited number of users in the United States and will evaluate the experience over time. The previous program required the user to manage the process of purchasing a domain. We are evaluating the appeal of custom domains but with Microsoft managing the processes of procuring the domain.” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

Right now, the company profits from the e-mail platform through ads, which are not very popular among users. Outlook Premium was first thought as an integration for Office 365 without extra charge and this will probably still happen, but Microsoft also wants to release a standalone version for users that don’t need all of the features included in the 365 package.

What’s do you get for $3.99 a month?

Is your email address something like Choosing a name for your Hotmail account can take time because there are lots of user and in most cases, you just have to add numbers or other stuff to actually create it. But with Outlook Premium, up to 5 users can create a personalized domain, such as The new e-mail syncs with your old account without additional setup.

The 5 users working in the domain can share contacts and documents in the cloud. Making plans will be very easy, since all users have access to a shared calendar in addition to the private one. But maybe the most attractive feature is the inbox. There won’t be any kind of advertisement and the company announced all the features, privacy, security and reliability, will be enhanced.

So far there is no release date for the product, but you can go and try to get an invitation on the company’s website.