On October 7th, Facebook launched its new app Facebook Events, an app that allows people to organize their social life, so nobody misses any event on their unscheduled agenda. The concept behind the idea is that people can share and connect more with their friends and family.

Aditya Koolwal – Facebook’s product manager – established that with the new stand-alone app users can catch up with events their acquaintances also liked, and receive updates of the events they already are interested in.

Facebook Events, an app that allows you to organize your social life. Photo credit: Facebook / Business Insider
Facebook Events, an app that allows you to organize your social life. Photo credit: Facebook / Business Insider

The app is divided into three categories:

  • The events your friends (in Facebook) are interested in.
  • The recently-announced events from Facebook pages you like.
  • And updates from events you are already involved with.

It has a home page, a calendar page, a profile page and a search or discover tab where users can explore different suggestions and recommendations based on time, location and interests. The interactive map that shows the events taking place nearby is one of its most striking tools. However, events of politics and religion do not appear on the application.

All of this, of course, is connected to the Facebook feed and will appear on it. This is a way of sharing the things people like and the events people will attend for everyone to know and join.

A calendar is included with appointments from other calendar apps, which makes the coordination of events easier. It will be on only one platform in which users will receive reminders, so no one forgets about their night plans, and will receive notifications about their friends’ plans too. It will also show who is attending, so people can know with whom they are going to spend their time.

Facebook Events only available in the App Store

Facebook Events – sadly – is only available for iOS in the App Store. A version for Android has not been launched yet. The company says it is working on it and will be soon on the market. 

This is not the first time that Facebook launches apps like this. Other apps such like Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger have been created to maintain Facebook on the market. In 2014, when the Messenger application was launched, the organization erased the chat tool from the original app, so people were forced to download the new one. This was the way they got people to use their new service, and now, Messenger has a billion users. With Facebook Events this has not happened, it seems that its features sell for themselves.

Source: TechTimes