In what is a massively growing trend in Canada, the legal consumption of cannabis shows no signs of slowing down. The summer months of May and June brought record sales, with June sales across the nation reaching a hugely impressive CA$318.7m. This broke the previous record which was set in May. So, Canadians are buying into the ability to go to a local cannabis dispensary and pick up their chosen strain of choice. There’s even a way to find a good local
Canada dispensary quickly through online search. The number of dispensaries is also increasing and offer new ways of purchasing cannabis. However, stores in Ontario are going one step further: they are setting up in-store consumption spaces.

Ontario Cannabis Dispensaries Opening Up Consumption Spaces In-store
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For those who travel, Amsterdam in particular is famous for its consumption spaces. Being able to enjoy cannabis in a controlled social setting is a hugely pleasant experience for most. Canada, though, has been somewhat slow to introduce these solutions. Instead, many choose to buy online from groups like Naked Cannabis (or from a local store) and then return home. The introduction of a more socialized approach, though, has been very positively received.

These stores, known as ‘cannabis consumption lounges’, are becoming hugely popular across Ontario in particular. This comes amid a series of uncertainty as provincial policy gurus are amid discussions about what happens next for the booming Canadian cannabis industry.

Though these spots are a fair bit off from the previously mentioned Amsterdam ‘coffee shops’, they do provide a clear idea of where this could go in the future. With around a three-year gap from legalized cannabis regulation to opening venues like this, though, some more social users might be happy for the opportunity.

Are cannabis consumption areas wanted by the public?

It would appear so. Those opening stores and those who already own cannabis dispensaries have remarked about customer queries on this very topic since the early days of legalization. This would provide an area for safe, secure, public consumption with staff who can be there to help out.

With the craze reaching fever pitch shortly after being legalized, many Canadians jumped in with two feet – and found the consequences of doing so. With professionals onboard who can help people to consume in a safe and measured way, though, it becomes much easier to further showcase the benefits of cannabis to the Canadian economy.

The challenges, though, stem from trying to ensure that nobody falls foul of the still-confusing Canadian cannabis regulations. Products have to be bought from a location with an excise stamp so that the staff will know that users are partaking in products which come with a legal stamp of authenticity.

Several of these stores are now open across Ontario, and few have run into any problems about the management of such a space. With more demand set to rise for more establishments that can meet this need, though, experts believe that cannabis consumption in regulated spaces will not be specific to Ontario for too much longer.

As Canada enters those first few years of legalized consumption, topics such as this are becoming increasingly commonplace – and it is easy to see why.