California – The American technology Company, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA), has decided to allow early access to its GeForce Experience Beta program before official release to test drive upcoming features and receive feedback from gamers.

Two years ago, NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience was released to the market for players to optimally set more than 250 games, and since it has been used by tens of millions of gamers. Today GeForce evolves once more with the new beta software that provides its players with integrated streaming and an internet-based cooperative play. It is mainly targeted at those interested in trying the software before it is available for the general public to help NVIDIA fix any final bugs or issues still present in the code.


“The goal is simple we’d like to give gamers a chance to try out our upcoming software and provide feedback so we can build amazing products and get it to everyone quickly. The Early Access Beta will be available in September” explains NVIDIA.

Co-op Gamestream

This version introduces the new Co-op Gamestream that allows to invite friends to a stream game online to play cooperatively, exactly like if they were right to each other, or take the helm altogether and focus on beating the game. Also, it is available to share images in real time to friends and players.

This would appear to be in place to prevent abuse of the system for non-co-op purposes, such as using the tech to stream games outright to friends as a means to avoid buying a proper copy of a game.

Share your victories

In addition, gamers can now save and upload directly to YouTube from within the game through the new Share overlay by selecting the Upload option. Trim and title the video and send it right to YouTube. There is even a Gallery option to view and upload recently captured video.

Source: NVIDIA