On Saturday morning, North Korea’s official media announced the successful test of its new intercontinental ballistic rocket’s engine at the Sohae Space Center in Cholsan County, North of Pyongyang.

The current North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un supervised the engine’s performance tests, and it’s said to be a long-range missile capable of posing a national threat to the United States.

North Korea Myanmar Two Nations Emerge
Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader. Photo: The Huffington Post.

After the country ignored the sanctions introduced by the United Nations in order to stop further nuclear weapons’ tests, its leader Kim Jong Un has rather stepped up nuclear testing. Even though the North Korean leader is known to go against the stream on almost every term discussed by world leaders, it could be possible that North Korea is testing its intercontinental ballistic missile paying no attention to the UN sanctions.

Nevertheless, North Korea is not famous for its accuracy when it comes to showing the results, considering the country is one of the most secluded parts of the world. And if that nuclear weapons’ tests are already set to be deployed or in the final stages of examination, North Korea would be more aggressive on its statements. South Korean officials, who share a border crossing with North Korea, claim the announcement is nothing but a bluff, as they claim the intercontinental ballistic missile is far from being finished.

This would make the United Nations to take a closer look at other nuclear developments for which North Korea has taken credit in the past few months, alleging it has conducted several nuclear tests. North Korean media outlets even released a picture of Kim Jong Un with what appeared to be a nuclear warhead months ago, which seems far-fetched for a country that has not managed to build an intercontinental ballistic missile.

North Korea’s military confirmed they launched a missile into the sea off the country’s east coast. It’s worthy to remember that North Korea is acting in spite of being heavily sanctioned by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council.

Kim Jon Un directly challenges the UN

Early on 2016, North Korea started to test nuclear weapons, following a test including targeted missiles in February. After North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un conducted its latest test in February, he made some wild allegations targeting the United States. The city of Manhattan was the focus of alert as North Korea claimed it could burn the city down to ashes over a couple months ago.

In response to the threats made to the city of Manhattan, the United Nations called for North Korea’s leader and senior officials to be prosecuted for committing crimes against humanity, according to official reports by the UN. Even though Kim Jon-un has made clear he won’t listen nor oblige any sanctions made by the United Nations, the three countries have pledged solidarity amongst themselves.

Nuclear testing poses a national threat for the United States and worldwide considering that North Korea has drifted towards isolation and its leader believes everyone is an enemy. At the moment, North Korea is focusing large amounts of resources to developing nuclear weapons, as well as other weapons of mass destruction.

Source: The Huffington Post