‘I would love to work out at least 4 times a week, but I am so busy on the weekdays that it is impossible to find time to exercise.’ Have you ever found yourself repeating those exact same words? Well, not just you, 60% of the working population have shown interest in working out, but they blame their jobs for not letting them. Well, you may be super busy every day, but you do find time to finish other household activities as those are your priority. Do you really suggest that you cannot find 2 hours in a week for your physical fitness?

No Time to Work out? It is High Time You Stop Making Excuses
Jonathan Borba

Ok, we are not ruling out your busy schedule, which is why we have suggested a few ways you can incorporate workouts in your busy schedule.

1. Wake Up and Hour Early:

You may be unable to shift your schedule to find time for workouts. In that case, make out time. You need 45 minutes at least 3-4 days a week to work out. Why not wake up an hour early on these days to make time for working out? This may seem a little tough to do, but after you finish your workout session, you will really feel energetic and be more active in your day.

2. Workout on the Weekends:

If you commit to working out 3 days a week, you can plan it so that one session falls on the weekend. Working out on the weekend means you will have a lot of time on your hand. This also means you just have to find time twice a week on a working day when you work out, which can be much easier to do than finding time daily to work out.

3. Join a Gym Close to Work:

Finding a gym near your home may seem like the obvious thing to do but think about this, most of your day, you work in an office. Finding a gym next to work means you can finish your work and go to the gym to work out. There is a high chance you will not miss your workouts. Gym next to home means you may feel lazy as you reach closer to the home and decide not to go. Also, if your job allows. You can work out in the middle of the day and resume work. Working out increases blood flow through the entire boy including the brain, which means you will become more productive.

4. Workout at Home:

If you still strongly feel that you cannot make it to the gym, workout at home. There are fitness classes that you can attend from the comfort of your home. Online fitness classes have picked up, and you save a lot of commute time if you joined one.

5. Plan Your Week:

Planning your week beforehand makes your days efficient. When you know what is on the calendar for the day, there will be no surprises; hence you can be punctual in attending workout sessions.

The Bottom Line:

Remember, you are busy today because of your work, but this situation will remain the same till you retire. Yes, prioritizing your work is essential for financial requirements, but taking care of your health cannot be ignored. An unhealthy body is prone to medical illness, which can become an expensive affair. Remember, we are not asking you to overdo it, just find a little time every day out of your busy schedule for yourself, and you will see a major difference in your physical fitness.