Nintendo reveals its new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, at the biggest gaming conference of the world and brings a lot of interesting things. The company also gave a trailer and a release date for the new Pokémon games.

Both games look fantastic, but it seems like year after year Nintendo continues relying on their old hits with considerable success. This year Nintendo’s E3 booth was full of VR, and it attracted a lot of people.

The new Zelda game is coming to Wii U and NX. Credit: NINTENDO/Forbes

It is important to note that the Japanese multinational has a lot of games coming this year such as the spin-off of Metroid Prime which will have a new multiplayer game mode, Star Fox Zero, Kirby: Planet Robot and more. Nonetheless, they continue to form part of those game that made the console very addictive years ago.

There were some notable inclusions such as the Tekken Tag series, and a Street Fighter Tekken cross-over, but otherwise the company has not brought nothing new. The Nintendo’s developing team has been squeezing the most famous franchises over the years, and they have done an excellent job. In fact, at the E3 2016, all the conference was about Zelda and Pokémon.

The company opened its conference with Pokémon information. The ever dual titles are called Sun and Moon, and they are going to hit the stores by November this same year. They also presented gameplay footage for the very first time, and the first thing that people can notice is that the game is not going to be 2-D. It’s going to be an adventure – RPG game where gamers get to see their character in a 3rd person view which is particularly nice at pocket monster battles.

The company re-imagines Zelda, again

Every fan of the old-school company was looking for two things, the name and release date for the next Zelda, and Nintendo satisfied them, at least with the part of the name. Zelda: Breath of the wild does bring a lot of new things to the franchise.

If there a word to describe the trailer, it would be beautiful. Everything from the landscapes, animation style and the sound was meant to hit every single nerve on the series fans. However, we get to see a grown up Link and a new turtle-like monster that seems to be made of stone acting as the antagonist.

The developers appear to have returned to the exploring roots. The landscapes include mountains, plains, oceans, ice, everything! And the interaction of the main character with the wildlife is a first time in the series. In the trailer, the spectator can see as Link sneaks behind a wild horse and mounts it trying to tame it.

Puzzles are back, and it is fascinating since it seems the player will have to interact literally with the scenario to discover all the secrets in the game, like chopping trees down to make bridges and stuff like that. But doing all that is hard work which requires strength, and to have power people have to eat.

Yes, the trailer presented the chef side of Link which makes reasonable to think that the developers decided to include some of the realistic aspects of exploring the wilds. There is a lot of magic, but there is no magical partner. In fact, there is no partner at all, so it will be the first time for players to go exploring Hyrule without having to listen to “Hey!” every couple of minutes.

Nintendo’s staff said the game will be released somewhere in 2017, and announced a couple of new amiibos as a sort of consolation prize.

Source: Nintendo