Pokemon fans will have to wait no longer to see a sneak preview of what the new mobile game Pokemon GO will bring when it’s finally released to the public. A leaked video recently released could be the first glimpse of what the game will have to offer fans.

Although the announcement for the mobile game was made last September, fans have long waited for a game that could be able to combine the beloved Pokemon characters with augmented reality. Ever since the Nintendo’s Game Boy video game skyrocketed Pokemon to reach stardom including a popular TV show, animated movies, vast variety of video games and trading cards, it hasn’t stopped pleasing fans.

A leaked video from the SXSW event could be the first glimpse of what the game will have to offer fans. Credit: Youtube

Thanks to a sneaky attendee at a panel at the SXSW event showcase led by Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke; fans can now watch the recorded footage in order to glance at what’s coming next in Pokemon GO. Although the footage doesn’t show much for fans to be excited about, the mobile game is set to differentiate itself from regular 3DS games.

While the video shows a variety of Pokeballs and trainers in the arena ready to battle between Pokemons, the anticipated features will surely be hidden until the mobile game is released to the public.

Augmented reality gaming

The game produced by Nintendo and Niantic Labs allows users to become Pokemon masters through their mobile devices by introducing a new way of playing the game through augmented reality. Supported on both Android or iOS, the video game lets users locate wild Pokemons hiding around their location and waiting to unleash a battle.

Pokemon GO intends to innovate the way the game it’s played, as it will allow players to look out for opponents as well as Pokemons in an augmented reality world. The game will provide the player with an unmatched gaming experience as Nintendo’s goal is to locate different Pokemons according to the area or country.

For instance, the beach will be a perfect place for Pokemon masters to fight water type creatures while a forest can be the place to find earth type Pokemons. Amazingly enough, the video footage of the sneak preview of Pokemon GO already reached over 960,000 views online, so there’s no doubt the hype for the new game increases as fans begin to get anxious

The video game for mobile devices is set for a “field test” phase that will take place later this month at Nintendo’s headquarters in Japan. Fans will have to wait until Pokemon GO arrives on all mobile platforms later on 2016, and is expected to be available as a free download with in-app purchases included.

Source: Fev Games