HumanEyes’s new Virtual Reality (VR) camera is already available for pre-order at $799. The Vuze is equipped with eight cameras, capable of recording 4K  360-degree video. The device is designed to be pointed and shot.

Most VR cameras are considered expensive, for instance, the Nokia’s OZO costs $60,000. The Israeli company HumanEyes wanted to develop a more affordable 360-degree camera, for an emerging market of VR video makers.

“This is perfect for novices and experts alike. If you wanted to refine editing and stitching even further the ability is there to do so if you need the highest quality possible in commercial or professional settings,” said company’s CEO Shahar Bin-Nu to TechCrunch.

The new Vuze VR camera is already available for pre-order at $799. Photo credit: Leander Kahney / Cult of Mac
The new Vuze VR camera is already available for pre-order at $799. Photo credit: Leander Kahney / Cult of Mac

Vuze starts shooting video with just a single click. The camera bundle includes a tripod that converts to a selfie stick with a hand grip. It also comes with a carrying case and Vuze Studio, a software that offers filters, editing tools, and 3D effects.

Owners can download the Vuze smartphone app to control and preview what their VR cameras see. The app also allows users to remotely capture and preview scenes in real time, said the company on its website.

It is capable of recording 4K video at 30fps in H.264. Its hardware includes a single operation button, a microSD slot, and a Wi-Fi antenna. The VR device is already available for pre-order at $799. First orders will arrive in October 2016.

CEO Bin-Nu said that people who consume and produce media are becoming interested in the camera. The latter can also shot 2D videos, but it still uses eight cameras, in order to offer a “high-quality experience”.

An affordable camera with 3D VR capabilities can be a great alternative for amateur producers and people interested in the new technology, who do not want to depend on Hollywood budgets, said Bin-Nu according to TechCrunch.

GoPro’s $15,000 VR camera is being shipped after months of delay

VR production companies such as WEVR, VRSE, Spectacular Theory, Surreal and Two Bit Circus have already received the new GoPro’s Odyssey, as reported by The Verge. The high-end device is composed of 16 Hero4 Black cameras.

The new GoPro’s camera was designed with the collaboration of Google. Last year, the tech giant said it was interested in creating an ecosystem for VR filmmaking. A GoPro executive told The Verge that the release of the camera had been delayed to give costumers a better product.

The VR industry would generate hardware revenues of up to $2.3 billion in 2016, according to a new report from the International Data Corporation (IDC). Segment leaders, Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Oculus are going to ship millions of units. The adoption of the technology will massively grow by 2020.

Source: TechCrunch