Recent reports have suggested that the Google team is currently working on a voice-activated device similar to Amazon Echo. The tech device hasn’t been officially announced by Google, but according to Recode, the device is named Chirp inside Google’s project team.

The website Recode has learned through different sources the hardware device is currently being perfectioned.  The voice-activated device will integrate both Google’s search and voice assistant technology.

Google’s OnHub. Chirp is reported to look similar. Credit: Android Authority

Voice assistant device

Google’s newest invention will be very similar to its Onhub wireless router, which is a cylindrical device that allows better wifi penetration at a home.  This comes as a response to the company’s integration into the smart house market.

The company has been working with its voice assistant technology on their Android phones, users activate it by using the word ‘Okay Google’. The assistant provides users with information such as Stock values, weather changes, near restaurants information, GPS, sports and entertainment news.

Rumors of the new device being developed by Google have stormed the web since the beginnings of March when The Information made its own report with the news. This secret competition is yet to be announced by the company.

Some might be expecting the announcement on next week’s Google’s I/O developer conference, but according to the reports the device is not ready to be announced. Nonetheless, talk about its developing technology might be discussed.

Google has been working on voice-automated technology for a while now, The Information reported back in March, yet problems with its third party providers delayed the projects.

The parent company of Google Alphabet has made public its wish to enter the smart house market with their product line NEST.

This product line includes the Nest Learning Thermostat, NEST cam surveillance camera,  NEST protect alarm system and upcoming products.

Amazon Echo

The device is a hands-free speaker that activates with the user’s voice while connecting to the cloud voice service called Alexa.

The system is able to reproduce music, provide information, news, sports scores, and more information. The voice emitted from its seven microphones that surround the cylindrical structure, allow the device to hear users from across the room.

The sound system inside Echo is able to fill the room with a 360 immersive sound system, to activate users will just have to call Alexa to obtaining a response from the female voice.

Source: Recode