Texas – A woman identified by the police as Christy Sheats, shoot her two daughters after a family fight. When in the scene, the police ask her to put down her weapon, but Sheats refuse to do it, and the officers had to shoot her. It was a fatal shot. The victims’ father was unharmed. He was taken by the police in a state of shock.

The tragedy occurred in Fort Bend County, in a Fulshear neighborhood on Friday. The teenager victims are Taylor Sheats and Madison Sheats. Taylor was 22 years old and Madison 17.

A woman, identified by the police as Christy Sheats (left), shot her two daughters,Taylor Sheats (middle) and Madison Sheats (right), after a family fight. Photo credit: Loopjamaica.com
A woman identified by the police as Christy Sheats (left), shot her two daughters,Taylor Sheats (middle) and Madison Sheats (right), after a family fight. Photo credit: Loopjamaica.com

Officers arrived at the house after receiving several reports of gunshots in Fulshear around 05:00 p.m. When the police arrived at the scene, Taylor and Madison Sheats were already wounded by her mom. They were laying on the street.

ABC 13 reports that a neighbor saw Madison, Taylor, and their father Jason, coming out of the house. The eyewitness says the girls were already shot when they tried to run from their home. Taylor collapse on the street and the witness added that he saw Christy going outside their residence with a gun and then, she got back inside. When the mother of the two girls reappeared in the yard, she shot Madison in the back.

According to CTV News the police forces arrived at the house at Remson Hollow Lane. The Sheats sisters were already shot on the street when a Fulshear police officer started to evaluate the scene. He saw Christy with a gun in hand, apparently preparing to shoot one of her daughters again. After the sight, the police officer warned Christy to put down her weapon, but she refused to do it. The officer then shot and killed her.

Madison Sheats was pronounced dead at the scene. Her sister Taylor was alive and airlifted in critical conditions to the Texas Medical Center. She did not survive.

Jason, the father of the girls and the husband of the shooter, was taken by the police. He was in a state of shock but physically unharmed.

Sheriff Troy Nehls told the Houston Chronicle that the case was a family argument that turned into a shooting. He said they had not put the pieces together to understand the reasons behind the murder of the Sheats sisters.

ABC 13 says another neighbor reported that the fight happened on Jason’s birthday and added that the couple had separated and recently reunited. The reason of the argument remains unclear.

Christy Sheat was a gun advocate

Through her Facebook page, the killer of her two children stated in March that it would be tragic if her ability to protect herself or her family were taken away. Christy Sheats said in the same post that that was the Democrats purpose by banning semiautomatic weapons.

 “I have 10 guns. Obama wants 8 of my guns. How many guns do I have? That’s right, I have 10 guns,” she posted in January.

Regarding her daughters, in 2015 Christy published a photo with her daughters and she referred to them as her two amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls.

This week at the Capitol, a historic sit-in was held by the Democrats to raise awareness and vote on gun control.

Source: The Herald Sun