Miley Cyrus opened up about pansexuality, her support for Hillary Clinton after Bernie Sanders was out of the presidential race, and what she thinks on Woody Allen in an interview with Variety.

The singer and actress clarified her previous behaviors on her career and why is she supporting the LGBTQ move along with homeless young people. The interviewed happened during a vegan lunch in Los Angeles, and Cyrus talked about the importance of spreading pansexuality knowledge and her struggles as a kid finding her sexual identity.

Miley first confirmed her attendance on Woody Allen's six-part comedy on Instagram. Photo credit: Hawt Celebs
Miley first confirmed her attendance on Woody Allen’s six-part comedy on Instagram. Photo credit: Hawt Celebs

Miley said that she did not understand her gender nor her sexuality during her entire life. “I hated the word bisexual,” said the singer -Cyrus is currently dating actor Hemsworth- because she felt she was being put in a box. Cyrus stated that she did not think about people as boys or girls and confessed she started opening her eyes on the subject when she was in the fifth or sixth grade.

Cyrus opened up about her first relationship and said it was with “a chick,” but living in a religious Southern family did not help her to understand her sexuality. Her parents did not know how to face the subject. Still, Miley felt that they will be supportive one day, and they were.

Now that Miley is on “The Voice” as a coach, she had the opportunity to share with her mom a touching moment when a young participant came out thanks to the former Hannah Montana influence. Cyrus’ mom saw the episode and said to her daughter she was sorry for the way she was when Miley came out at that age.

Miley continued to talk about her difficult path to discovered her sexual identity and said she never loved to be a girl and did not relate to being a boy. She explained she figured out that she was a pansexual person when she started going to the LGBTQ Center in Los Angeles. Cyrus heard a person saying that the term male or female did not define them.

Cyrus stated that she identified with that person more than she related to anyone in her life. She clarified that even when people do not see her as neutral, she does not feel as a girl nor as a boy, and hearing that human at the center helped her understand her sexuality.

Pansexual comes from the Greek prefix “Pan,” which means “All.” The word pansexuality refers to people that feel physically, emotionally, or spiritually attracted to others no matter their gender or biological sex.

When asked about her activism for the LGBTQ and homeless young people, Miley said she felt her life as a pop star was meaningless compared to hunger and other issues. Cyrus said she knew she could do more to address some problems in society and now she is an activist for LGBTQ rights. She also has a foundation called “Happy Hippie,” and it is dedicated to supporting at-risk LGBTQ and homeless youth.

Cyrus on those Bernie supporters that preferred to vote for Trump than for Clinton, and her opinion on Woody Allen

Miley was a “really big” Bernie Sanders fan, but now that he is no longer a candidate, she is voting for Hillary Clinton. Regarding those that supported Bernie but refuse to support Hillary, Cyrus said that it was “fucking crazy.” The singer stated that those voting for Trump never understood Sanders in the first place.

Cyrus thinks that if Clinton wins the elections, Hollywood sexist customs will change because her presidency will give women “a subconscious boost.”

During the interview, Miley answered how she feels about Woody Allen and the allegations about him and sexual abuse.  Cyrus said she never judges anyone until she knows them and their story well enough.

Miley said she understands Woody and the life he has because she also lives in a public sphere. She stated that from the way she sees him with his family, she thinks Allen is an incredible person. And although she knows some people will strongly disagree with her, she said that all families have hard times and everyone’s suffering is different.

Source: Variety